How to check pre-qualified car loan offer in SBI?


Hello guys in this article we are going to describe the process how to check pre-qualified car loan offer in SBI. If you are a SBI customer and you want to take a car loan from SBI you can check pre-qualified car loan eligibility using SBI internet banking.


We all know that car loan is very easy to take from any finance company at the time of buying a car from dealer. But if you see their terms then these are not so easy. Suppose you have bought a car in EMI for 7 years. But in between you earned some extra money and want to close the car loan before 7 years. But your finance company asked you to deposit all the interest amounts up to 7 years. Even though, you are closing the loan in 3 years.


But if you take the car loan from SBI you will have the opportunity to pre-close your car loan without paying interest up to the tenure completion. That is why you should check once whether pre -approved car loan is available in your SBI account or not.


But my recommendation is that please check all the terms and conditions from the finance company or bank before taking a loan. On the following paragraphs we are discussing the steps of checking pre-qualified car loan offer in SBI account.


How to check pre-qualified car loan offer in SBI account:

Before going to check pre-approved car loan eligibility you should have registered with SBI internet banking. If you have already registered with SBI internet banking then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to and login to your SBI internet banking using user Id, password, captcha code and OTP.


STEP 2: As you logged in to your account you will be on the dashboard of your account. Here on the top bar you will see an option ‘Requests & enquiries’. Click on this option here.


STEP 3: You will be redirected to another page. In this page you will see a list of various options. Click on the option ‘pre-qualified car loan eligibility’ on this page.


STEP 4: As you click on ‘pre-qualified car loan eligibility’ the load eligibility amount will be displayed on the screen. If you don’t get the offer the page will say that you are not eligible for pre-approve car loan in SBI.


If you are eligible for car loan offer then you can apply online. This is the process how to check pre-approve car loan eligibility in SBI. This process can also be seen on the following video also. Watch these video till end.

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