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      This blog do not ask for any personal data of visitors. We never save any kind of information, personal data of visitors in this website. In this blog we discuss about the online process of various digital activities. Only the problems, questions and comments are published publically in the comment section.

      However we used Google adsense advertise to generate some income. So Google may collect some data like buying interest of any product, personal interest of browsing etc. This is done so that Google can show advertisement related to visitor’s interest. Therefore this blog is save and free for the visitors who wish to know the online process and information of various digital work.

      In this website we have the comment section where the name of commented person is required. He or she can enter any nick name or virtual name instead of original name, by which he or she can represent their questions or comments.

      This website used various third party plugins like Google search console which may collect your personnel interest of viewing sites, types of posts, spend times etc. They may also trace visitor’s location, using devices, browser, search topics on Google etc. for analysis of website.

      Since the website is visited globally from the various part of the world with deferent mindset, we wish to ward you that don’t disclosed any personal data with anyone or in this website. If you do so you will may be in problem. If any third party misuse your personal data we will not be responsible anyway.

      Hence you can feel free to browse this website for a better experience. We tried our best  to discuss the online process of various digital work.

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