How to download SBI statement from Yono app?


Hello friends, SBI updates their mobile app Yono SBI and they offers to their customers to download statement up to 3 years in Yono app. Therefore we are discussing on the topic how to download SBI Statement from Yono app?


Before this update you can download SBI account statement from Yono only for 150 transactions or for last 6 months. But now you can download last three years statement from Yono SBI. But you will able to download 6 months statement at a time. If you need more than 6 months transactions then select the time period for another 6 months. Which you could not select date range of your choice before this update.


Many SBI customers wanted to get this facility on Yono app. Now SBI has offers this facility to all their Yono users. Now follow the following paragraphs to know the process.


How to download SBI account statement on Yono SBI:

If you want to download SBI account statement in Yono SBI you should register in Yono SBI first. If you have already registered with Yono SBI then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: First go to your mobile, open Yono SBI mobile app and login to your account using MPIN.


STEP 2: As you logged in to your account you will be on the dashboard of your account. Here you will find the first icon is ‘Accounts’. Click on the option ‘Accounts’ here.


STEP 3: Now you will be on your accounts page. On the top of the page you will see your savings bank account balance, your deposit account balance and borrowing account’s outstanding balance. You will find your savings bank account is selected and the account number and available balance will be displayed on the sceen.


Click on your savings bank account number here.


STEP 4: Your savings bank account details will be displayed on the screen. You will see three tabs ‘Account, Transaction, spend analytics’. Click on ‘Transaction’ tab on this page.


STEP 5: Your Last 150 transactions will be appeared on the screen. You will see a filter symbol against the search bar as shown on the image under. Click on this filter symbol here.


STEP 6: In this page you have to select statement period by 1 month, by 3 months, by 6 months and by date. Select ‘By date’ option here.


STEP 7: As you select ‘By date’ another options will open. You are asked to enter from date and to date here. You can able to select maximum 6 months date range at a time and the selected date range will be within last three years. Select your date range here.


STEP 8: After selecting the date range the transactions of the selected period will be displayed on the screen. To download the statement, click on the download symbol just above the transaction details.

STEP 9: A message will be appeared on the screen. It says ‘PDF download successfully the password to open the file is of 9 characters. It consist of the first four digit of your date of birth the @ and the last four digit of your registered mobile number.


If account holder’s date of birth is 2.5.1991 and the registered mobile number is XXXXXX1234 then the password will be 0205@1234.


STEP 10: Now go to your mobile’s file manager and check the statement’s PDF on download section. Open the statement as per the password discussed on above step.


This is the process how to download SBI account statement on Yono SBI for the last 3 years. You can watch the following video on the same topic.


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