How to block ICICI bank debit card using iMobile app?

         In today's time people use debit card/ credit cards very much. Any where you see you can use your debit or credit card. To buy your daily needed items, to buy railway tickets, air tickets, online shopping people used this cards very much. You need not carry cash to visit places either it is at your native land or outside your country. It does not matter where are you. You can use your debit card in today's digital world.

         In the same time as it is useful for people it has some disadvantages also, like chances of money loss. Some fraud activity may be happen with your ATM. Fraudsters people can make cheating with your ATM. So never tell any details to anyone about your ATM. If you know some unauthorised activity is happening with your ATM or account then you can immediately close or block your ICICI bank ATM card using your mobile banking app iMobile. ICICI bank gives you the opportunity to  block/unblock your ATM/Debit card as you wish.

         In this discussion we discuss about how to block ICICI bank debit card using iMobile app. For that you must have to register with ICICI bank mobile banking. After registration you can access your account online as you want.

         Following are the step by step procedure 'how to block ATM card using ICICI bank mobile banking.

STEP 1 - Open your iMobile app and enter your four digit MPIN . After enter the PIN you will be logged in to your ICICI Bank account.

STEP 2 - Now you will see here various options. You have to find and click on 'Services and Aadhaar' option, which you will find on the right side bottom corner of the page. Click on it.

STEP 3 - In this step you find various options relating services. You will see an option 'Card Services'. Click on this option.

STEP 4 - Here another some options will open like credit card upgrade, apply for professionalised expressions debit card, block credit card, generate credit card PIN, block/ unblock debit card, generate debit card PIN, modify debit card limit etc. Click on the option 'Block/ Unblock Debit Card' option.

STEP 5 - After click on that option a new page will open. Where you will find some new options select card type, select option you want to perform and remarks. You have to select card type first. Select the card type as 'Debit Card'. After select the card type two more options will open 'Select account number' and 'Block type'. Secondly you have to select action you want to perform as "Block". Then select your account number with which the card is link. By selecting account number another option 'Select Card Number' option will appear. Select your card number want to block. Then Select block type. If you wish to block the card permanently the select 'Permanent' and if you want to block temporarily then select 'Temporary'. Give a remark (optional)  and click on 'Submit'.

STEP 6 - A pre-confirmation will ask. Check the details displayed on the screen and click on 'Submit' if everything is 'OK.

STEP 7 - A Massage will display on the screen saying that your card is hot listed and the date and time.

      If you were select 'Temporary' then you can again unblock the card and use. If you selected 'Permanent'  option then you can't unblock the card again. This is the process to Block ICICI bank debit card online on mobile.

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