LIC mobile number update / Update e-mail Id in LIC policy


Hi friends, in this blog we are discussing on the topic LIC mobile number update and update e-mail Id in LIC policy. If you are searching for the process of LIC mobile number change and how to add email Id in LIC policy online then you are at the right place. Because of we are going to describe the step by step process of the whole procedure.


We all know that LIC policy is a long term investment plan. In a long time many people change their mobile number and email address in various reason. But in their LIC policies the old numbers and email Ids are remained. In such conditions you need to do the LIC phone number update and LIC email Id update.



LIC mobile number update / Update e-mail Id in LIC policy:

To know how to update mobile number in LIC policy and to know how to change the email Id in LIC policy online, follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open its home page.


STEP 2: After open the home page you will see some options on the upper bar of the page. If you placed cursor on any of the option then some another sub options will be appeared. You have to place cursor on the option ‘customer services’ option.


As you have placed the cursor on the option ‘customer services’ the sub options under customer services will be appeared. Click on the third option ‘update your contact details online’.

STEP 3: A new page will open here you will see a link ‘update your contact details’. Click on this link.


STEP 4: Now you will be redirected to another page where you will find a form. In this form you need to enter the full name of the policy holder, date of birth, mobile number and the email Id. Enter all this information correctly and select the number of policies for which you want to change mobile number. Then trick on the box before the declaration and finally click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 5: In this step the details you have entered in the above step will be displayed. Here you have to enter your policy number. After entering the policy number click on the option ‘validate policy details’. If there any wrong details entered by you then you can re-enter the details by clicking on the option ‘Start Again’.


STEP 6: Another page will open. In this page you will see your policy number entered in the above step and the request status as ‘successful’.


Here a massage will also be displayed that the request will be generated only for the policies showing request status as successful. Otherwise the request could not be generated.

 If any error or wrong information is shown then click on ‘Start Again’ and re-start the process.

If everything is OK then click on the ‘Send Request’ option.


STEP 7: As you click on the option ‘Send Request’ on the above step you are redirected to new page. In this page you a massage will be displayed. It says that “data entry successful. Please note that you will receive a verification call from LIC official. Please check your e-mail for details. Click on ‘start again’ to add more policies”.


In this page your request number and the date of request will also be displayed. Note the request number for further communication.


After that you will receive a call from LIC office for verification of your details changes. After successful verification your mobile number and email Id will be updated on your LIC policy. But how much time it takes for verification call and making changes of the details we could not say. It depends on LIC’s work speed.

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