How to download home loan interest certificate in SBI?


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to discussing about download home loan interest certificate in SBI. Many people take home loan from SBI to construct their dream home. The most advantage of home loan is that you can take income tax relaxation on home loan interest and principal amount paid in a financial year.


Therefore people ask for their home loan interest certificate at their banks. SBI India’s most popular bank also gives home loan to their customers. SBI also offers the facility of downloading ‘Home loan interest certificate’ provisional interest certificate and interest certificate from their internet banking.


You can download SBI home loan interest certificate by two options. One is provisional interest certificate and the other is interest certificate. SBI provisional home loan interest certificate is the interest certificate which can be download any time in a financial year. But home loan interest certificate can be downloaded only after compellation of the financial year for which you wish to download the interest certificate.


 Many times customers need home loan interest certificate for income tax relaxation. At that time they need to submit the certificate to their employer. But when they have to submit the certificate the financial year is not completed. In such conditions they can download the provisional home loan interest certificate. And if it need at the compellation of the financial year then you can download the home loan interest certificate (main) from SBI internet banking.


How to download home loan interest certificate in SBI

Before going to download SBI interest certificate download for home loan you need to register with SBI internet banking first. After registered with SBI internet banking follow the following steps to to\ download SBI interest certificate for home loan.


STEP 1: Go to SBI internet banking login page and login with your internet banking user Id and password. Now a day’s you are asked to enter an OTP to login to your internet banking. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Submit’ option.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. You need to find and click on the category ‘e-Services’ on the top bar of the page.


STEP 3: A new page will open. In this page a list of different options will be displayed. Click on the option ‘My certificates’ from the list of options.


STEP 4: Again some more options under ‘My Certificate’ options will appear. You have to click on ‘Home loan interest certificate (prov.)’ to download the provisional certificate.

Provisional certificate meanings you can download this certificate at any time of a financial year. You will see the details of an excepted interest and principal amount paid for that financial year.


Again you have to download on ‘Home loan interest certificate’ to download the main home loan interest certificate for a financial year. You can download this certificate only after compellation of a financial year. You will find the original data of your home loan interest and principal repayment.


STEP 5: Now all the loan accounts will be displayed on this page. Select the loan account from the list for which you want to download the certificate. And click on the ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 6: Your Home loan interest certificate will be appeared on the screen. Scroll down the page and you will see 'view/download in PDF' option. Click on that option to download the certificate.


STEP 7: Now your home loan interest certificate will be downloaded to your device.


Note: You can download home loan interest certificate for the last completed financial year and can download home loan provisional certificate for the current financial year.


This is the process how to download home loan interest certificate in SBI online.




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