How to disable/enable SBI account for UPI?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to discuss on how to disable/enable SBI account for UPI. If you are a SBI customer and your account is linked with UPI. You are activated UPI Id against your account number. Then you can easily disable or enable your account for UPI transaction when needed.


Many of SBI customers who have activated UPI Id against their SBI account number wanted to know the process how to how to disable UPI for SBI account? By the process which we are going to describe on this blog you can easily disable your SBI account number for UPI. Once you have disabled it you can’t make transactions using UPI from this account.


However you can again use UPI transaction from this account when you enable the account again for UPI use. It is also very easy to enable again. But these simple steps can help you in security purpose.


How to enable/disable SBI account for UPI:

You can enable/disable your SBI account for UPI by two ways. One using SBI Yono app and the other is using internet banking. In this description we are going to discuss how to disable SBI account using SBI internet banking. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: First of all we will go to SBI internet banking login page and log in to SBI account.


STEP 2: As you login to SBI internet banking you will reached on the dashboard of your account. On the top bar left side of the page you will see an option ‘My Accounts & Profile’. Click on this option here.


STEP 3:  You will be redirected to ‘My Accounts & Profile’ page here. In this page you will see a list of some options will be displayed on the screen. Scroll down the page and click on the option ‘enable/disable accounts for UPI’.


STEP 4: In this page you are asked to enter your profile password. Enter your internet banking profile password here and click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 5: You will be redirected to enable/disable account for UPI page. Here you have to select your account number which you want to disable for UPI. But if you have only one account in SBI then that account will be displayed on the screen and it will be selected automatically. You need to click just on ‘Submit’ here. Click on ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 6: Now you will see the actual enable /disable button on the screen. You will find your account number and tow tabs enable and disable displayed on the screen. If your account is already enabled for UPI then you can select the disable tab and if you have disabled your account for UPI then you can select the enable tab. Select the tab as your require and available and click on ‘Submit’.


Your account will be disabled or enabled for UPI transaction. This is the process how to enable/disable SBI accounts for UPI transactions. The following video also described the above process. You can watch the video for better understand of the above process.

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