How to regenerate LIC portal User name and password?

What is LIC user ID and password?

      LIC user ID and Password is used to log in the payment portal of To pay LIC premium online and to use LIC e-services you need to register and create an user ID and password.

How to regenerate password?

      People sometimes forget user id and password then he want to regenerate the  user id and password again, so that he can use the services again. In that condition some people don't know how to regenerate new user id and password. And some people afraid to go online for such reason, they don't want to give details online. So I am going to tell how to regenerate LIC user ID and Password. Here is the step by step procedure.

STEP 1- Go to and write 'pay LIC premium online'. Then click on the first URL in the page.

STEP 2 - Here you see there is two option 'pay direct' and 'pay through e-service', click on pay through registered user. Then you will see a page as given bellow. Now click on 'registered user'.

STEP 3 - After click on that option you are redirect to a new page where you have to write down Id and password. You have to click on forgot password. After click forgot password a new window will open. Here you have to write User ID, date of birth, policy number, premium etc. and finally click on 'Submit'.

STEP 4 - Now you get the password in your email. Log in with this password and change it.

How to regenerate LIC user Id?

STEP 1 - Go to google and write 'Pay LIC premium online. Then click on the first URL.

STEP 2 - Now click on 'pay through e-service'. A new page will open, click on 'registered user'. Here in this page you see the log in page. You have to write usr Id password here, but you have forgotten your user Id. So click on 'forgot user Id, click here'.

STEP 3- A new window will open, here you are asked to give details such as policy number, premium, date of birth etc. Give the correct details and click on 'submit'.

STEP 4- New user Id details will send to your e-mail.

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