How to download LIC premium paid statement for a whole year?

How to download LIC consolidated premium paid statement:

      In today's time people make savings through popular way like LIC, PPF etc. After saving money they  show this savings to save their income tax also. This are the most popular tax saving option in India. In that condition people have to show their savings in LIC in every financial year. So they need the premium paid statement or premium paid receipts. In premium paid statement you will have the total saving in a year and you need not take all the premium receipt separately.

     Here is the step by step download procedure of LIC premium paid statement for a certain year. To download premium paid statement firstly you have to registered with LIC portal. If you have already registered with LIC portal then follow the following steps.

STEP 1 - In the first step go to google and write 'pay lic premium online' and click on search. Then click on the first URL

STEP 2 - Here you will see the option 'pay through e-service' and 'pay direct'. click on 'pay through e-service'.

STEP 3 - It will redirect you to new page where you have to fill the log in details with your LIC portal. Give the details and proceed to log in.

STEP 4 - Now you are in your LIC account. Click on the 'Basic service' option and finally click on 'proceed to app'

STEP 5 - Here you will see your enrolled policies and some options on the left of the page. Click on the option 'policy premium paid statement'. Here select the financial year, and policies for which you want to download the statement

STEP 6 - Now you see your premium paid statement in your screen. Click on 'print this page' and take a printout of your statement or save it in your computer.

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