How to register in Indane gas service and book refill and pay online?

 Indane online service:

   In the following time people want to do all their work without any effort and they don't want to go and stand in long ques  for anything. In that condition if people can book refill of gas cylinder and pay for it then they will be obviously pleased. So Indane gas service starts online booking system for their customer. Now they can book refill online, pay for in online, check status of their cylinder, check the subsidy amount and deposit date in their accounts, transfer connection one place to another etc.

How to register in :

      Here is the step by step procedure how to register for indane gas online.
STEP 1 - In the first step you have to write in google and click on search. Thereafter click on the first url  "indane online, indane online gas booking service"

STEP 2 - After click on the URL your are redirected to indande home page. Cilck on the 'register now' on the left top of the page. after click on 'register now' you are redirected to a new page. Where you see a form.

STEP 3- In this step you have to fill the form correctly. You have to select your state, distributor and write your consumer number. OR 17 digit LPG ID number. After that write down a user ID as you like, give your mobile landline number. Give any two documents number such as PAN number, ration card number, passport number, driving licence number, aadhar card numer. (if you give the aadhar card number and if your aadhar number is linked with bank account then you need not give the account details. The subsidy amount will automatically deposit to your account where aadhar is linked).

STEP 4 - Finally write down the letter shown in the box, accept terms and condition and click on 'submit'.

STEP 5 - The password will send to your email id and mobile number. Log in to with your id and password and change the password.
     Now you are registered with indane.

How to book refill online and pay for it?

      After registration in the indane site you will have the all option which indane give to their customer. By this account you can book your refill online (you can still book your refill by IVR or SMS),  pay for your refill online, check the status of your booking, submit transfer request for your connection to another distributor, check if your subsidy is deposited or not and many other options. (If you pay for the refill online then you will have some offer also). Now here I describe step by step procedure how to book refill.

STEP 1 - In first step you have to click on 'sign in' and enter your ID and password, enter the letter to the box and click on 'submit'.

STEP 2 - Now you are in your account. A dialog box will appear on the screen displaying LPG ID, consumer number and name, distributor's code, distributor's name etc. Now click on 'OK'.

STEP 3 - Here you see the all details of your account. And you will see order track,  refill booking history, give up subsidy, prefer time delivery, submit bank details etc.

STEP 4 - Now simply click on order/ track your refill. then a new page will open, in this page you see  your order  i.e. LPG refill, distributor's name, your mobile number, email id, your address etc. In this page it says to put mobile number in which you want to receive massages. If you want to receive massage in the same number which is registered with indane then you need not put another number.

STEP 5 - In the page last option is 'payment option'. If you want to pay online then select the online payment option and click on 'submit'. Then you will have the option to make payment through debit care, credit card, internet banking etc. and make the payment. If you don't want to pay online then chose 'cash on delivery' option and then click on 'Submit'. 

STEP 6 - A refill booking number will generated and shown on the screen. A massage will also send to your mobile number and email id at the same time where you have the booking number for refill.

STEP 7 - Now you will received your cylinder in your home if home delivery is available in your location, otherwise you have to go to dealer to receive your cylinder. Make the payment if you choose 'cash on delivery' option  and if you have paid online then show your booking number and receive the cylinder. 

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