How to make payment using UPI ID?


Hello friends, in this description we are going to discuss on the topic how to make payment using UPI Id. We all know the that we have pay through scanning UPI QR code, entering receiver’s UPI Id, by linked mobile number etc. But while we are making payment for the online purchasing through UPI Id then we need to go to UPI app to completing the payment.


Many UPI users don’t know how to pay entering UPI Id on the payment page of online purchasing. Because of this process is not completed on the payment page. To complete the page you need to go to your UPI application and need to confirm the payment.


You will find various easy payment methods in UPI. But by entering your UPI Id on the payment page you have to do transaction on two different platforms. If you want to know how to make payment using UPI Id follow the following steps.


How to make payment using UPI ID:

To make online payment through UPI Id you have to proceed to the online payment page of an online shopping platform. After that, follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to online shopping payment page and select the payment method as UPI.


STEP 2: After selecting the payment method as UPI on the above step, enter your UPI Id and click on ‘make payment’.


STEP 3: You will be redirected to payment page and it will asked you to go to your UPI app and confirm the payment.


STEP 4: Now minimize this payment page and open your UPI application on your mobile or if you are opening the online payment page on other devise then go to your phone and open the UPI application.


STEP 5: Login to your UPI application, go to BHIM UPI and click on ‘Requests’.


STEP 6: As you click on ‘Requests’ you will see the request of payment made by your online shopping site. Click on ‘Approve’ button under the request.


STEP 7: You will be redirected to entering PIN page of UPI. Enter your UPI PIN and click on OK. Your payment will be completed and the payment page of your online shopping page will show the successful payment message.


This is the process how to make payment through UPI Id. You can see this process on the following video also.

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