How to check whatsaap linked devices?


Hello guys in this article we are going to discuss about how to check whatsaap linked devices. If you want to check in which devices your whatsaap account is logged in. Many times people logged in their wathsaap account in other devices. But they forgot to log out.


In such conditions your whatsaap may be misused. Suppose your whatsaap account is logged in by someone in another device without your knowledge. If you don’t log out from the different device then your account can be used by him.


Therefore you need to check whether your whatsaap account is logged in to other devices or not? Now follow the following steps to know the linked device and can log out from it.


How to check whatsaap linked devices:

In the following steps we are discussed on the process how to log out whatsaap account from different dices.


STEP 1: Go to your whatsaap account.


STEP 2: You will see a three dot option on the top right corner of the page. Click on this three dot line.


STEP 3: Some different options will be appeared on the screen. Click on the option ‘linked devices;


STEP 4: The linked devices will be appeared on the screen. Tap on the device you want to log out. As you click on the device last activated time and the logged in locations will be displayed. Click on ‘log Out’ option here.


STEP 5: Now your device will be logged out from that device.

This is the process how to logged out from other devices. You can also watch the following video to know the above process.

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