How to cancel online appointment in CGHS dispensary?


Hi friends, in this article we are going to discuss about how to cancel online appointment in CGHS dispensary. If you have a CGHS card and you booked an appointment online then you can easily cancel the appointment. Many times people booked an appointment in CGHS dispensary but for some reasons they cannot visit the CGHS dispensary. In such conditions they can cancel the appointment online and book a new appointment.


Sometimes after booking an appointment people understand that they have booked appointment for a wrong date. Then they can easily cancel the appointment and rebook another appointment online.


If you are also searching for how to cancel CGHS appointment online then you can read the following steps.


How to cancel a CGHS online appointment:

To cancel CGHS appointment you need to book an appointment online before. Thereafter go to CGHS login page and can cancel the appointment. Now follow the following steps.


Step 1: Go to the website and open the homepage of the website. After open the homepage you will see e a book appointment tab on the upper bar of the page. Click on this "book appointment" tab. You can also go to this page by clicking on this link


Step 2: Now you are redirected to a page where you will see an option 'book/ view/ cancel your appointment'. Under this option you are asked to enter beneficiary id  captcha code seen on the screen. Enter the beneficiary id which you will find on your CGHS card and the captcha code displayed on the screen and click on 'generate OTP' button.



Step 3: An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number with the CGHS card. Enter the OTP on the box and click on 'proceed' button.


Step 4: Now you are logged in to your account. The beneficiary details will be displayed on the screen. Under the beneficiary details you will see an option 'to receive Re-confirmation SMS/ to view/ print/ cancel appointment click here’. Click on the 'click here' link here.  


Step 5: A new page will open. Here you will find your booked appointments. You will also find your previous appointments here. You will see  print/ cancel/ send SMS option against your last appointment. Click on the ' cancel' option here.


Step 6: A popup message will be displayed on the screen. It says that ' do you want to cancel appointment'. Click on ok here.


Step 7: Now your appointment will be cancelled and it will be shown against your appointment.


This is the process how one can cancel CGHS online appointment. You can also watch this process on the following video. In this video we have described the same steps as described above.

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