How to download LIC premium payment statement?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to discuss on how to download LIC premium payment statement for the whole year. If you are using LIC Digital mobile app and you are paying premium using the LIC app. If you want to download the premium payment statement for a year, then how can you download the statement?


Many times we need the savings statement to claim income tax rebate. At that time you can submit the LIC premium paid receipt separately for each policy premium. But if you collect the receipt you need to collect many copies. But if you download the LIC premium paid statement for the whole year then you will get it in one page. You can submit your savings in one page.


That is why you can download your LIC premium paid statement. If you are also searching for this topic then read the following paragraphs.


How to download LIC premium paid statement:

In this description we are discussing the process on LIC mobile app. If you are paying LIC premium through LIC website or mobile app as a registered user then follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the LIC digital mobile app. Login to your account using MPIN or user Id password or OTP.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will see different icons for different facilities. Click on ‘Basic Services’ icon on this page.


STEP 3: A list of different options will be appeared on the screen. Click on the ‘Premium Paid Statement’ from the list.


STEP 4: You will be redirected to the statement page. First of all select the financial year for which you want to download the statement. Here you can download statement for last three years (statement of one year at a time). Select the financial year.


Then you will see the policies whose premiums are paid on the selected year. Select all here and click on ‘Generate Statement’.


STEP 5: Your statement will be downloaded to your mobile. Go to the download section of your device and you will see the premium payment statement.


This is the process how to download LIC premium payment statement. We are also discussed the step by step process of this procedure on the following video also. You can watch the video to know the process.

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