How to create PhonePe account without ATM card?


Hello friends in this article we are discussing on how to create Phonepe account without ATM card. If you want to create a PhonePe UPI account but you could not create the account due to non-availability of ATM card. Then you can easily do it using Aadhaar OTP.


In the beginning you wanted to start PhonePe UPI account you need to enter your ATM/Debit card details for activation of UPI ID. But now even you don’t have any debit card of the linked account you can generate PhonePe UPI account using Aadhaar OTP.


Many people search this topic on Google. Therefore we are discussing the process of activation of PhonePe account without ATM card. On the following steps we are discussing the process.


How to create PhonePe account without ATM card:

Before going to start PhonePe account without ATM card you need Aadhaar linked bank account. If you have an Aadhaar linked account number then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and install PhonePe UPI app on your mobile open the application on your mobile.


STEP 2: As you open the application on your mobile you are asked to enter your mobile number. Enter the mobile number which is linked with your bank account here and click on ‘Proceed’.


STEP 3: A five digit OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter the OTP on this page.


STEP 4: It will asked permission for your device location and for manage phone calls. Allow the permission on this page.


STEP 5: Now you on dashboard of your account. You will see a link ‘Add Bank Account’, click on it. If you not found the link on the home screen then go to profile and then click on ‘add bank’.


STEP 6: As you click on the ‘Add Bank Account’ link you will be redirected to the bank selection page. In this page you will find all the list of various Banks of India. Select your Bank from the list in which your account is associated.


STEP 7: Now it will fetch your account number and your UPI Id will be created automatically. You can edit your UPI Id by clicking on edit button if recurred and click on ‘proceed to add’ link.


STEP 8: You will be redirected to Debit card/ ATM card details page. Here you are asked to enter your debit card details. But you don’t have any debit card. In such conditions you will see another link ‘Authenticate using Aadhaar number’. Click on this link here.


STEP 9: A pop up window will be appeared on the screen. Here you need to give consent to your bank for Aadhaar authentication. Click on ‘Accept & proceed’.


STEP 10: In this step you are asked to enter the first 6 digit of your Aadhaar number. Enter the first 6 digit and click on ‘Proceed’.


STEP 11: You will receive 6 digits Aadhaar OTP on the mobile number linked with Aadhaar. Enter the OTP here and click on trick sign on your key pad.


STEP 12: Another OTP will be received from your bank on your mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Trick’ sign on the key pad.


STEP 13: You are asked to enter four digits UPI PIN. Enter the 4 digits PIN of your choice and click on trick sign.


STEP 14: Again enter confirm 4 digits UPI PIN on this page and click on the trick sign.


Now your UPI ID is ready for transfer and receiving money. This is the process how to start PhonePe for the first time. This process is discussed on the following video also. You can watch the video for the visuals of the above discussed process.


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