How to remove page from a PDF file?


Hello friends, in this article we are discussing on how to remove page from a PDF file. Many times people have multiple pages PDF file and out of the pages they want to remove some unwanted pages from the PDF. In such conditions they want to know how to remove pages in PDF?


Suppose you have a PDF file of ten pages and you want to remove some pages from the PDF. After removing the pages you want the PDF in the same sequence. Then how remove the unwanted pages of the PDF and save it on your computer?


In this blog we are discussing on the same topic. To know the process read the following discussed steps.


How to remove pages from PDF:

We are going to discuss the process through ‘Adobe Acrobat reader’ here. Therefore if you don’t have ‘Adobe Acrobat’ then install it on your PC and then follow the following simple steps.


STEP 1: Suppose you have a PDF file as shown on the image bellow and you want to remove the indicated page from the PDF as shown on the image.


STEP 2: Now go to the PDF and right click on it. The menu will be open then go to ‘Open with’ link and then click on ‘Adobe Acrobat’ link.


STEP 3: Your PDF will be opened on the screen. Now on the top bar of the PDF you will see a ‘Print’ symbol. Click on this ‘Print’ symbol on this page.


STEP 4: As you click on the ‘Print’ button on the above step the print menu will be displayed on the screen. Here first of all you need to change the printer as ‘Microsoft print to PDF’.


Then select the ‘Pages’ option and enter your required page number on the PDF like 1,2,3,5 etc. Skip the page number which you want to remove from the PDF. Finally click on ‘Print’ on the bottom of the page.


It will ask location to save the PDF. Select the location and give a name of the PDF file and click on ‘save’. The PDF will be saved to your PC without the pages which you have not entered on the pages section.


This is the simple process to remove pages in PDF file easily on PC. This process can be seen on the following video also. If you want to know the above processes on visual then watch the following video.

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