How to check SBI PPF account maturity date on Yono?


Hello friends, in this article we are describing on how to check SBI PPF account maturity date on Yono. If you are a SBI customer and you have a PPF account in SBI, then how to check SBI PPF maturity date in Yono app.


Most of the SBI customers used SBI mobile banking app Yono SBI. Therefore they wanted to have all the online facility in Yono app. In such connections they also want to check the maturity date of PPF account on Yono SBI app. But many of them don’t know the process.


That is why we are discussing on this topic. On the following paragraphs we are discussing the steps of checking SBI PPF account maturity date on Yono app.


How to check SBI PPF account maturity date on Yono:

Before going to know the PPF maturity date on Yono SBI you should register on Yono first. If you have already registered on Yono app then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to Yono SBI mobile app and log in to Yono SBI using your MPIN.


STEP 2: Now you are on the dashboard of your account. Here click on the ‘Accounts’ icon.



As you click on ‘Accounts’ tab on the above step, you will be redirected to your accounts page. Here on the top of the page you will see your savings bank account balance, deposit account’s balance, loan account’s outstanding balance etc. Click here on ‘My deposits’.


STEP 4: As you click on ‘My deposits’ some new options will be appeared on the screen. Here you will see the options deposit calculator, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, my dreams and other deposits. Click on ‘other deposits’ here.


STEP 5: Now the PPF account number and its available balance will be appeared on the screen. Click on the PPF account number here.


STEP 6: The details of your PPF account will be appeared on the screen. Here you will see your PPF account number, account holder’s name, available balance, maturity date, rate of interest etc. The maturity date shown in this page is your PPF account’s maturity date.


This is the process how to know SBI PPF account maturity date. This process also discussed on the following video. You can watch the video to know the above describe process.


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