How to add spouse policy to LIC portal account?


Hello friends, in this blog we are going to\ discuss on how to add spouse policy to LIC portal account? If you are a LIC customer and you are paying your spouse or child policies then you can also pay the premium through your LIC portal account also.


You can pay your policy premium, spouse policy premium and child policy premium from one account i.e. from your LIC portal account. For that you need to add your spouse policy or child policy to your LIC portal account. But you can add your family policies to your account only when you have added the family details to your LIC portal account’s profile.


Now if you want to know how to add spouse and child policy to your LIC portal account, follow the steps discuss in this article.


How to add spouse policy to LIC portal account:

Before going to add spouse policy to LIC portal account you need to keep spouse name, date of birth, PAN number handy. If you have the details then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to LIC digital app and login to your account.


STEP 2: You will be on the dashboard of your account. In this dashboard you will see an icon ‘profile management’. Click on this icon here.


STEP 3: As you click on the ‘profile management’ icon you will be redirected to profile page. Here you will find two options one is ‘update profile’ and ‘change password’. Click on the ‘Update Profile’ option.


STEP 4: In this page you will see personal information and family information. Click on family information here.


STEP 5: As you click on ‘family information’ you will find ‘add family’ option click on this option. Then select spouse option. Enter First name, middle name, last name of spouse, enter DOB, PAN number, passport number, education qualification etc. Keep in mind that passport number is not mandatory. After entering all the details click on ‘Submit’.


STEP 6: Now your spouse name or child details is added to your LIC account. Now click on the plus button or the four line option on the right side top of the page. A new page will open click on ‘add policies’ option here.


STEP 7: In this page you are asked to select the policy holder’s name. Select your spouse or child name which policy to be added. Then enter the policy number and click on ‘Submit’. Now your spouse or child policy is added to your LIC account, you can pay the premium of the policy while the due date arrived.


This is the process how to add spouse policy in LIC account. You can also watch the video on this topic on the following video. Watch the video till end.


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