How to register in myCAMS mobile app?


Computer Age Management /services Limited (CAMS) is a mutual fund transfer agency serving Indian AMCs. CAMS give services to mutual fund house like SBI mutual fund, ICICI mutual fund, HDFC mutual fund, Merae assets mutual fund etc. If you are investing in any mutual fund under services of CAMS then you can use the facilities of CAMS. For that you need to register in CAMS. Therefore we are discussing how to register in myCAMS mobile app?


By login to my CAMS app you can manage, withdraw, do balance check, nomination update, transactions etc. You can manage your various mutual funds in a single account. Therefore you can register and login to myCAMS website or mobile app.


Most of the people use mobiles in India hence we are discussing how to create account in my CAMS app? On the following paragraphs we have discussed on the same topic.


How to register in myCAMS app:

Before going to discuss the process how to register in myCAMS app you should keep your mobile number, email address which is linked with mutual fund handy. If you have the same then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: First of all install the CAMS mobile app from Play Store on your mobile. And open the application.


STEP 2: As the app is opened you are find two options ‘register’ and ‘login’. Click on ‘register’ here.


STEP 3: A guideline relating to the KYC update will be appeared on the screen, read the guidelines here. You need to do e-KYC if you have not verified your KYC before. But we have verified KYC when we have starts investment in mutual fund. Hence close the guideline message and click on ‘Register’ option on the screen.


STEP 4: A pop up window will be appeared, here you are asked to enter your mobile number and email address. Enter your mobile number and email address linked with mutual fund. After entering the email and mobile number on the box click on ‘Register’ button.


STEP 5: In this step an OTP to email address and an OTP to mobile number will send. Enter the mobile OTP and email OTP here and click on ‘submit’.


STEP 6: Here you are asked to enter your new password and confirm new password. Before entering the passwords click on ‘Confirm’. Keep in mind that the password should contain 8 to 15 characters; it should contain at least one capital letter, one small letter, one number, and one special character. Special character allowed only #_$@


STEP 7: Now your account is created message will be displayed on the page. Now you can login and manage your mutual fund from CAMS account.


This is the process how to create account in CAMS app. You can also watch the following video on this topic.

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