How to send money to Bank Account using Yono Quick pay?


Hello friends, in this article we are describing how to send money to Bank Account using Yono quick pay option. Recently SBI updated their Yono SBI application and you can find ‘Quick Pay’ options on the login page. Under the quick pay services you will find the options scan to pay, pay to contact, pay to bank A/C, bill pay, Yono Cash, loans, investments etc.


You don’t need to go account’s dashboard and find these options. You can use this options clicking directly from the home page. If you want to send money to any bank account using quick service then you can easily go through ‘Pay to bank’ option under the ‘quick pay’ services.


To know the process how to send money using Yono quick pay follow the following paragraphs.


How to pay to bank account using Yono quick pay:

Before going to send money to bank account using Yono quick pay you should have registered with Yono SBI mobile app. If you have already registered with Yono SBI update the application and follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the Yono SBI application. Here find the option ‘Pay to bank A/C’ under the ‘Quick Pay’ services.


STEP 2: As you click on the ‘Pay to bank A/C’ option on the above step you will be redirected to your existing beneficiary page. Here you will find the list of your already added beneficiaries in your SBI account. If you want to send money to any one of these account number then select the account number and enter amount and submit on the next page. Then you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter and submit the OTP on that page. Your money will be successfully transferred to selected bank account.


STEP 3: But if you have to send money to an account which is not added to your beneficiary list, then how to send it? In this page on the top of the page you will find two options existing and new. Switch on the ‘New’ option here.


As you on the ‘New’ button another two options will be appeared. The two options are ‘SBI Bank Account’ and ‘Other Bank Account’.


Select the ‘SBI Bank Account’ if the beneficiary account where you are transferring fund is in within SBI. Enter the name of beneficiary, enter account number, re-enter account number and then click on ‘proceed’.


If the bank account where money is transferring is within other bank then select ‘Other Bank account’ and then enter beneficiary name, enter account number, re-enter account number, IFSC code and then click on ‘submit’.


STEP 4: In this page you are asked to enter amount to be transfer and a remarks. The remark is optional it is not mandatory. Click on ‘proceed’.


STEP 5: It will ask confirmation if all is OK then proceed.


STEP 6: An OTP will be received on your registered mobile number with SBI. Enter the OTP here and submit’.


Amount successfully transferred message will be displayed on the screen and the text message also received on your mobile number. This is the process how to send money using quick pay service in Yono SBI. This process can also be watch on the following video. Check out the video for the live process.


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