How to link mobile number with BHIM UPI ID?


Hello friends, in this article we are describing on the topic how to link mobile number with BHIM UPI ID. If you are using BHIM UPI and you have not added your mobile number at the time of activating BHIM UPI you can’t receive money using mobile number. If anybody wants to send money using your mobile number through an UPI then it will show that your mobile number is not linked with any UPI account.


Many of BHIM UPI users don’t know the actual problem. They don’t know why their mobile number shows not linked with any UPI account. The main problem is they have not linked their mobile number as UPI number in BHIM UPI. That is why when anybody enters the mobile number to send money from their UPI account then it shows that the mobile number is not linked with any UPI account.


If you are also facing such problem you need to link your mobile number with your BHIM UPI account. Therefore we are describing the step by step process on this post.


How to link mobile number with BHIM UPI account:

If you have a BHIM UPI account and you want to link the UPI account with mobile number then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open BHIM UPI mobile application. Log in to your BHIM UPI account using fingerprint or MPIN.


STEP 2: Now you are on the dashboard of your account. On the bottom of the page you will see 'UPI Number' icon. Click on the ‘Manage’ button under 'UPI number' icon.


STEP 3: The UPI number creation page will be appeared. Here it says ‘UPI number is either your mobile number or any 8-9 digit number that you can link to your existing UPI IDs and use the number as the alternative to the UPI ID’.


Trick on the box before ‘I would like to create UPI number’, then click on ‘Create button’.


STEP 4: You will be redirected to another page, here you will find two options one is ‘Mobile Number’ and the other is ‘8-9 digit numeric ID’. Select as your choice. If you select mobile number then you need to enter your mobile number and if you select 8-9 digits numeric Id then you needs to enter any 8-9 digit number.


Select mobile number and enter your mobile number which you want to link with UPI ID. You will see your UPI Id under the mobile number you have entered. Finally click on ‘Create’ button.


STEP 5: Your UPI number will be created successfully and now you can use this number as an alternative to your UPI Id. You can share this mobile number to anyone who wants to send money using UPI through contact number.


This is the process how to create UPI number, how to link mobile number to BHIM UPI. This process can also be watch on the following video. Check out the video for better reference.



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