How to recharge mobile using Yono SBI?


Hello friends, in this blog we are describing on the topic how to recharge mobile using Yono SBI. If you are a SBI customer and you are using Yono mobile application then you can easily recharge a mobile number.


Yono SBI user need not go to any shop or install any other application to recharge mobile. But many of Yono users don’t know the process how to recharge mobile through Yono SBI. Therefore we are going to discuss the procedure here.


Many times Yono users faced problem when they go to recharge mobile or bill payment through Yono. This happens mainly for two reasons. One is if you have not accept full transaction right of internet banking while registered in Yono SBI or in SBI internet banking. If so then go to profile section and upgrade transaction right to full transaction.


On the other hand if you have the full transaction right and you are also transferring funds using Yono Pay option but can’t proceed through the bill payment option, then uninstall the application, reinstall and register again in Yono SBI. Then your Yono SBI bill payment problem will be solved. Now we will discuss the process on the following steps.


How to recharge mobile using Yono SBI:

To recharge mobile in Yono SBI you should have registered in Yono SBI first. If you have already registered in Yono SBI then follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the Yono SBI mobile application. Log in to your account using MPIN.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to Yono SBI. In this page you will see the dashboard of your account. Scroll down the page and click on the option ‘Bill Payments’.


STEP 3: As you click on ‘Bill Payments’ on the above step you will be redirected to the bill payment page. Here on the bottom of the page you will see three options ‘Recharge’, ‘Quick bill pay’ and ‘Pay and add biller’. Click on the first option ‘Recharge’ here.


STEP 4: In this page you are asked to enter some details like select your operator, enter your mobile number, enter amount to be recharge and select debited account number. Here select your network provider’s name from the list, enter your mobile number, to enter rechargeable amount click on ‘view plans’ and select your pack, your transaction account number will be already selected. After entering all the details click on ‘Next’.


STEP 5: A new page will appear. Here you will see the details you have entered on the above step. You need to confirm the details on this page. Check the details once more and if all the details are Ok then click on ‘Confirm’ button.


STEP 6: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with SBI. Enter the OTP here and click on ‘submit’.


STEP 7: Successful recharge message will be displayed on the screen. Here the transaction Id, mobile number and the recharged amount will also be displayed. You will also be received message from network provider and SBI.


These are the steps of the procedure of mobile recharge using Yono SBI app. This process can also be seen on the following video. You can watch the video to know the above process ‘live’.

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