How to do quick transfer using Cent mobile app?


Hello friends, in this blog we are discussing on the topic how to do quick transfer using Cent mobile app? If you are a Central Bank Of India customer and you want to transfer fund without adding beneficiary in Central Bank, then how to send money using Cent mobile app without adding beneficiary.


Many of Central Bank customers don’t know how to do quick transfer in Central Bank. By using this process you need not add account number to your beneficiary list. Therefore we are describing the process how to send money in Central Bank Of India without adding beneficiary?


How to do quick transfer using Cent Mobile app:

Before going to do quick transfer in Cent mobile app you should have the beneficiary’s account details like account number, IFSC code name handy. And you can do quick transfer only when you have already registered with Central Bank internet banking or mobile banking. If so then follow the following steps.


STEP1: Go to Central Bank of India mobile banking app ‘Cent mobile’ app and login to your account using your MPIN.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will find various options. Click on the option ‘Quick’ under payments.


STEP 3: As you click on the ‘quick’ on the above page you will be redirected to transfer page. Here you have to select transfer from account, payee types self A/C, within bank or other bank, select ‘quick pay’ on payee type.

After selecting these steps you are asked to enter beneficiary name, account number, confirm account number, account type as savings, current etc., IFSC code of beneficiary, amount to be transferred, gives a remark and enter transaction password. After entering all these details click on ‘proceed’.


STEP 4: The details you have entered on the above steps will be displayed once again on the screen. Check the details if all are OK then click on ‘Confirm;.


STEP 5: The successful transaction message will be displayed on the screen. You will see from account, to account, amount, reference number etc. You can download the receipt clicking on ‘Download PDF’ or can share it by click on ‘send mail’ option.


This is the process how to quick transfer using Cent Mobile App. This process can also be watch on the following video.



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