How to download vehicle tax payment receipt


Hello friends, in this blog we are discussing on the topic how to download vehicle tax payment receipt? Many times we pay various fees or taxes for our vehicle in DTO/RTO offices or online. But we don’t know how to get vehicle tax receipt. Therefore we are discussing on this topic how to download vehicle fee payment receipt.


Many people after paying their fees and taxes want to get the receipt. But they don’t know the process of downloading the receipt. Therefore you should read this blog for the step by step process of getting vehicle tax payment receipt.


How to download vehicle tax payment receipt:

For vehicle fee payment receipt you should have the vehicle number handy. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of the website.


STEP 2: Place the cursor on the ‘Online Services’ option. A list of various options will be displayed on the screen. Click on option ‘Vehicle related services’ out of them.


STEP 3: In this page you are asked to select your state name. Select the state name here.

STEP4: You will be redirected to another page. On the right side of the page select your RTO office and click on ‘Proceed’. A pop up window will be appeared. Click on ‘proceed’ button here.


STEP 5: Now you are at the online services page. Here you will see various options. Out of the options, click on the option ‘status’ which you will find on the top bar of the page. As you click on the ‘Status’ some more options will be appeared. Place the cursor on the option ‘Reprint receipt/Form’. Then click on the option ‘reprint receipt’.


STEP 6: Here you will see four categories to search your receipt. These are application number wise, Receipt wise, Bank transaction number wise and Registration number wise. Select ‘Registration no wise’ here. Then select transaction as TAX, select application as RTO END, enter Registration number of your vehicle and the last five digit of your vehicle chassis number. Finally click on ‘show details’.


STEP 7: Your payment details will be displayed on the screen. Click on the ‘Print Receipt’ button against the payment details. Your vehicle tax / fee payment receipt will be saved on your device.


This is the process how to download vehicle tax receipt online. You can also watch the following video on the same topic.



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