How to download IRCTC ticket PDF in mobile (2023)?


Hi guys, in this article we are going to discuss on how to download IRCTC ticket PDF in mobile (2023). If you have booked a train ticket online in 2023 and after booking ticket you want to download the ticket then how to get railway ticket from IRCTC account.


Many of IRCTC customers forget to save the ticket ERS at the time of ticket booking. Also suppose he or she has deleted the email from IRCT then if he or she want to download the ticket again then how to download IRCTC ticket PDF in mobile.


Therefore in this blog we are describing the process of downloading IRCTC ticket on mobile. Now follow the following process.


How to download IRCTC ticket PDF in mobile:

Before going to download IRCTC ticket on mobile you need the login user Id, password of the IRCTC account through which you have booked the ticket. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your IRCTC connect mobile app and login with your user Id and password or PIN.


STEP 2: After login click on the option ‘My Bookings”.


STEP 3: As you click on ‘My Booking’ on the above step your bookings will be displayed.


STEP 4: Click on the ticket details for which you want to download the ticket. The full details of your ticket will be displayed on the screen. Here you will see four options on the ticket details. The options are PDF, Mail, Image and share. Click on the PDF tab to download the ticket on PDF format.


Click on the mail symbol to mail the ticket to your registered email Id. If you click on the image symbol your ticket will be save on your device as screen shot. Again if you click on share button then you can share the video to anyone’s whatsaap, mail etc.


This is the simple process how to download railway ticket from IRCTC website. This process can also be watched on the following video. The same process with the above is described on this video.

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