How to check Voter Aadhaar link status without reference number?


Hi friends, in this blog we are discussing about how to check Voter Aadhaar link status without reference number. If you have applied for voter Aadhaar link then you can check the Aadhaar voter link status online.


But if you want to check it without login to your National Voter’s Service Portal account then you need the reference number. And most of the people who have applied for Aadhaar Voter link forgot to note down the reference number.


In such conditions how to check Voter card and Aadhaar card linking status. For the process you can follow the following steps.


How to check Voter Aadhaar link status without reference number:

To check voter Aadhaar link status without reference number you need to login to NVSP portal. To login to National Voter’s Service Portal you need the mobile number by which you have registered on this portal. Now follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of the website. Here you will see 'login' option on the right side top of the page.


STEP 2: Now you will be redirected to the login page. Here to login to NVSP account you are asked to enter the registered mobile number or email address, password and the captcha code shown on the box. Enter all the characters correctly and click on ‘login’.


STEP 3: You will be logged in to your NVSP account. On the top of the page you will see a ‘dashboard’ tab. Click on this tab.


STEP 4: Now you will see reference number, form number as form6B, date of submission and status. Here form6B is the application form for linking Voter and Aadhaar. You may see the status column blank. Because of election commission authority has not accepted or rejected your request yet. It means your application was submitted successfully but not yet accepted or rejected.


This is the process how you can check Aadhaar Voter link status without reference number. Check the following video for the detailed process.

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