How to update mobile number in vehicle RC

 Hello friends, in this article we are going to discuss on the topic how to update mobile number in vehicle RC. If you have a vehicle registration certificate of your vehicle and you want to change the mobile number linked with vehicle registration certificate then how to change mobile number in vehicle RC.


Many times we don’t use one mobile number. People change their mobile number for various reasons. In such condition if anyone bought a vehicle before 10 years and he was not linked his mobile number at that time or if he change his mobile number now. Then he needs to change the mobile number in vehicle registration certificate.


One should update mobile number in vehicle registration certificate to get information about challan, tax, insurance etc. If you have registered mobile number with vehicle then you will get update about the information related to your vehicle will be received time to time.


How to update mobile number in vehicle RC:

To update/change mobile number in your vehicle registration certificate follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of this website.


STEP 2: As the website is open you will see an option ‘online services’ on the top bar of the website. Place the cursor on this option. Some more option will be appeared. Click on the option ‘vehicle related services’ option out of them.


STEP 3: A new page will open. Here you need to select your state name from the drop down menu. Select your state name here.


STEP 4: After selecting your state name another page will open. In this page you will see an option ‘vehicle registered number’. Click on this option. Now you have to enter your vehicle registration number and then click on ‘proceed’.


STEP 5: A notification will be appeared. It says that if you wish to take the services mentioned on the page then you need to do Aadhaar base KYC authentication and visit RTO office. Click on ‘OK’ under this notification.


STEP 6: You will be redirected to a new page. Here you will see some options. Click on the option ‘mobile number update' here.


STEP 7: A notification will be displayed on the screen It says that you can change the mobile number of the states which names are this page. It asked you do you want to proceed? Click on the option ‘Yes’.


 STEP 8: In this new page you need to enter your vehicle registration number, chassis number and engine number from the RC. Here you also have to fill registration up to date if your vehicle is a private vehicle and enter fitness up to date for commercial vehicle. Enter all the details and click on ‘show details’.


STEP 9: Now your vehicle registrations details will be appeared. You will also see the last three digits of your mobile number linked with the RC. Enter your new mobile number on the box and click on ‘get OTP’. An OTP will be received on your new number. Enter the OTP and submit it. Your number will be updated on your vehicle registration certificate.


This is the process how you can update/change mobile number in vehicle registration certificate. You can also watch the whole process on the following video. Watch the video for video audio presentation and better understanding the process. 


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