How to add beneficiary in Yono SBI?


Hello friends, in this article we are going to discuss about how to add beneficiary in Yono SBI. We all know that whenever we go to open a SBI account SBI approach us to install and activate Yono SBI mobile application in today’s time. Because of they want all customers do online transactions and crowd in branches can do minimize.


But many of the customers who are using SBI Yon mobile app don’t know how to add payee in Yono SBI. Therefore in this blog we are discussing how to add beneficiary in SBI internet banking through Yono SBI.


The adding of beneficiary in Yono app is slightly different than SBI Internet Banking and Yono Lite app. In Yono you need to transfer a minimum amount instantly to add a account to beneficiary list. To know the process how to add payee account in SBI beneficiary follow the bellow discussed process.


How to add beneficiary in Yono SBI:

To add beneficiary in SBI internet banking beneficiary through Yono app follow the following steps.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open SBI Yono mobile application on your mobile. Now do login to your account using MPIN or SBI internet banking user Id and password.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will see various icons of various options. You will see an icon ‘Yono Pay’. Click on this icon here.


STEP 3: As you click on the ‘Yono Pay’ on the above step you will be redirected to a page where some other options will be displayed. In this you will see an option ‘Bank Accounts’. Click on this option.



STEP 4: A new page will open. In this page you will see two option on the top one is ‘own accounts’ and the other is ‘other accounts’. You will also be seen another option ‘Pay a new beneficiary’ on the bottom of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 5: Now you are asked to enter your internet banking profile password on this page. Enter your internet banking profile password here and click on ‘submit’.


STEP 6: You will be redirected to a page where you are asked to select where your account belongs to. Select the option ‘SBI’ if the beneficiary’s account is within SBI and select the option ‘Other Bang’ if beneficiary’s account is within another bank.


STEP 7: In this step you have to fill a form about the beneficiary details. You need to enter beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, confirm account number, beneficiary account IFSC code, maximum transfer limit and beneficiary nick name. Enter all the details correctly and click on ‘Next’ button.


STEP 8: Again another page will open here you will see your debited account number, beneficiary account number etc. Here you have to enter an amount and select a purpose of the payment. Enter the amount as Rs. 1 and select the purpose of your choice. Finally click on ‘Pay’.


STEP 9: A review page will open. Recheck all the details you have entered on the previous pages. If everything is OK then trick the box before ‘I agree’ and click on the ‘confirm’ button.


STEP 10: An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number with SBI. Enter the OTP on this page and click on ‘Submit. A message will show that the transaction was successful.


As the transaction is successful the beneficiary account will be added to your beneficiary list. And the beneficiary will be activated within 4 hours. If you are added the beneficiary after 8 PM then the beneficiary will be activated on the next working day. You can transfer money to this account only after activation of beneficiary.


You can also watch the following video to understand the above process. In the following vide we discussed the same topic as described on above steps.

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