How to delete beneficiary in Yono SBI?


Hi friends, in this article we are describing about how to delete beneficiary in Yono SBI. In the last article published in this website we have discussed how to add beneficiary in Yono SBI. And in this blog we are discussing how to remove beneficiary in Yono SBI.


We all know that if we need to transfer money above 25000/- in SBI, we need to add the beneficiary’s account number to SBI beneficiary’s list. Sometimes while transferring amount to an account through Yono SBI it saved on beneficiary’s list. But you don’t need the account number thereafter. In such situation you want to remove the account number from SBI beneficiary list.


If you want to delete beneficiary’s account number in Yono SBI then you can easily remove the account number. May be the account number is added through SBI internet banking or through SBI Yono Lite app, it can be deleted using Yono SBI app.


How to delete beneficiary in Yono SBI:

To delete beneficiary from SBI beneficiary list follow the following steps. In this steps we are discussed how to remove beneficiary in Yono SBI.


STEP 1: Go to SBI Yono mobile app and login with your MPIN or user Id and password.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. On this dashboard you will see some options. Click on the option ‘Yono Pay’ out of the options.


STEP 3: A new page will open and here you will see some other options. Click on the option ‘Bank Account’.


STEP 4: In this new page two options will be appeared. The first one is ‘other accounts’ and the seconds is ‘own accounts’. If the beneficiary’s account which you want to remove is of another person then click on ‘Other accounts’ and if the account number is of your own account then click on ‘Own accounts’.


STEP 5: Now the list of beneficiary will be appeared on the screen. You will see the added beneficiary’s account numbers on this list. You will see the beneficiary’s name and the bank name of the account. You will also see a symbol of bin against each beneficiary account number. Click on the bin symbol for the account number which you want to delete.


STEP 6: A pop up message will be appeared on the screen. In this message it asked ‘Are you sure you want to delete the beneficiary?’ Click on ‘OK’ button.


STEP 7: Now another message will appeared it says that the beneficiary has been deleted successfully. If you check again on the beneficiary’s list then you will find that the beneficiary’s account number doesn’t exist on the list.


This is the process how to remove beneficiary in Yono SBI. You can follow the following video for the above process. We described the above process on the following video.

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