How to get MMID in Yono SBI?


MMID is a 7 digit number allotted by your bank to receive money through IMPS service. In this blog we are going to describe how to get MMID in Yono SBI. To get MMID you must have a registered mobile number with your bank account and you must use mobile banking service of your bank.


SBI issued MMID to all of their mobile banking users to receive and fund through IMPS services. Many customers of SBI don’t know how to get MMID in Yono SBI. Therefore we are describing the process to get MMID on the following paragraphs.


How to get MMID in Yono SBI:

Before going to view your MMID in Yono SBI you must have to use Yono SBI and your mobile number must be registered with SBI account. Now follow the following steps to get MMID in SBI using Yono mobile application.


STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open the Yono mobile application. Log in to your account using user Id, password or easy PIN.


STEP 2: As you logged to your account you will be on the dash board of your account. Here you will see a three line option on the right top corner of the page. Click on this option.


STEP 3: After clicking on the three line option on the above page you will be redirected to another page. Here a list of other options will be appeared. Click on the option ‘service request’ out of the options.


STEP 4: Another page will open. In this page again you will see some other options. Click on the 'settings’ option out of the various options seen on the screen.


STEP 5: In this page you will see ‘view MMID’ options. Click on this option to get MMID.


As you click on ‘View MMID’ option the MMID will be appeared. Note this MMID for your further use. This is the process how to get MMID in Yono SBI.

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