How to pay kendriya vidyalaya fees online?


Hi, guys in this blog we are going to discuss about how to pay kendriya vidyalaya fees online. If your child is reading in kendriya vidyalaya and you are searching for ‘how can I pay my kendriya vidyalaya fees online then you are at the right place. Because of in this blog we are going to describe the same topic.


Many times, after admission of the child in KV school, it is not possible for the parents to visit school for payment of school dues every times. In today’s time parents prefer online payment method school fees. If they get such facility then they can pay fees online on time. Otherwise they need to adjust time to visit school only for payment of fees.


Kendriya vidyalaya has offers such facility to pay school fees online. Now parents of a student can pay K.V. School fees online. It helps many parents to save their time.


How to pay Kendriya Vidyalaya fees online:

You can pay kendriya vidyala fees online by directly from the website or from the school’s website. Here we are discussing the process how you can download from the school’s website. Now follow the following steps for how to pay kendriya vidyalya fees online.


STEP 1: Go to the website of the KV school and open its home page.


STEP 2: In this page you will see an option ‘online fee’ on the top bar of the web page. Click on this option here.


STEP 3: As you click on the option ‘online fee’ a pop up massage will appeared on the school. Click on the option ‘OK’ here.


STEP 4: A new page will open. Here you will see a link ‘click here for online payment’. Click on this link.



STEP 5: As you click on the link said above a new page will appeared. Here you are asked to enter student Id, date of birth of the student. Enter the all details of the student and click on ‘login’.


STEP 6: You are redirected to another page. Here the name of the student, Student’s Id, school name etc. will be displayed. Here a link ‘make payment’ will also be appeared. Click on this link.


STEP 7: After click on ‘make payment’ you will be redirected to union bank fee paid page. Here you will see the student’s details, fee details etc. on the screen. You are also asked to enter your mobile number and email here. Enter your mobile number and email


STEP 8: After enter the mobile number and e-mail correctly. Click on the option ‘make payment’.


STEP 9: Now you are at the bill desk payment page. Choose your preferred method of payment i.e. credit card, debit card, internet banking, UPI etc. and complete the payment.


STEP 10: After successfully made the payment you will again redirect to Union bank fee pay page. Here the details of the transaction done will be appeared. Click on the option ‘print’ on the bottom of the page. Give a name of the document and click on ‘save’ button. Now your receipt will be saved on your PC.


This is the process how to pay Kendriya Vidyalaya fees online. This process is also described on the following video. If you like the live demo then you can watch this video till end.



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