How to check NPS performance? NPS Gain/Loss


Hi guys, in this blog we are discussing about how to check NPS performance online. How much Gain/Loss is performing your NPS account. Many peoples have been investing on NPS since it started in the year 2004. At that time NPS is open only for the government employees.


In the year government of India has closed the old pension and started a new pension system for their employees. After some years it is started for the citizen of
India also. Now many of the citizens of India have invested in NPS.


NPS send account statement to their customer in month of April after ending of a financial year. In the statement he or she can see their fund performance, the absolute gain/loss of the invested amount. But in any time in a financial year, if the customers of NPS want to check their NPS performance and gain/loss of NPS value then how can they check the current Gain/Loss?


Depending on such questions NPS offers to their customers the facility of online statement, balance check, holding enquiry etc. Now a NPS customer can easily check the Gain/ Loss on his NPS investment by login to his NPS account. Now in the following process we are discussing how to check NPS Gain/Loss.


How to check NPS performance:

Before going to check NPS performance you need the NPS password. If you have not generated the NPS password or not received the password then generate your password first and follow the following steps for checking NPS account Gain/Loss.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the login page of the NPS account.


STEP 2: In this page you need to login to your account. To login to the NPS account enter your PRAN number as user Id, password and the captcha code. After entering the details click on the ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 3: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will see an option ‘Investment Summary’ on the upper bar of the page. Place the cursor on this option. Three more options under this option will be displayed. These are Transaction Statement, Holding Statement and Voluntary Contribution.


Click on the first option ‘Transaction Statement’.


 STEP 4: Another page will open. Here you will see your name and the PRAN account number. Then you need to select the financial year. Select the current financial year here. Then select the quarter as ‘All’ and select your account for which Tier I or Tier II you want to check the performance. Finally click on ‘Generate Statement’.


STEP 5: In this step your NPS account statement will be displayed. Scroll down the page and check the ‘Investment details summary’ portion of the statement. Here you will find how much you have contributed to NPS account till date, what is the present value of your investment, national gain/ loss on the investment and the percentage of the return on the investment will be seen.


This is the process how you can check your NPS account statement, performance or gain/loss on your investment. You can check this statement in any time you wish. You can also check your NPS valuation by calling to NPS customer care numbers also. For checking balance on call you need your TPIN.


The whole process described on the above paragraphs is also described on the following video. If you like the audio video presentation, live presentation then you can watch the following video. Here also you find the step by step process of how to check NPS performance.



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