Download SBI Savings, Deposit account interest certificate


Hi, guys in this blog we will describe about how to download SBI savings account interest certificate and how to download SBI deposit account interest certificate. Actually many customers of SBI search how they can know SBI saving account and deposit account interest certificate.


Many times when we are going to fill ITR we need to show our savings account interest income and apply for exemption of savings account interest under the section 80TTA. In such situation we need our interest certificate from where we can enter the amount on the ITR form.


More ever if we want to know how much interest we have received from SBI savings account in a financial year then we need to download the statement of whole year or update the passbook and count the interest for each quarter. But if we download the savings account interest certificate we get the interest amount of last financial year in two clicks. By downloading savings account interest certificate you can avoid your time lost and can produced the certificate if any documents asked by the income tax department on the savings account interest.


You can download your deposit account interest certificate of the last financial year by the same process. If you have any fixed deposit, recurring deposit, flexi deposit account etc. then you can easily download the interest certificate for last financial year within two clicks.


How to download SBI Savings and deposit account interest certificate:

Before going to download SBI savings and deposit account interest certificate you need to register with SBI internet banking. If you have already registered with SBI internet banking then follow the following steps for downloading SBI savings account interest certificate.


STEP1: Go to online SBI login page and login using your internet banking user Id, password, captcha code and OTP.


STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will see your account summaries and some option on the upper bar of the page. Click on ‘e-Services option’ among them.


STEP 3: A list some other options will be displayed on the page. Find the option ‘My Certificates’ from the list and click on this option.


STEP 4: As you click on the option ‘My Certificate’ some more options under this category will be displayed. Click on the option ‘Interest certificate on deposit A/C’s’.


STEP 5: Now you will see the interest on your savings bank account and on other deposit account if available in a certificate. To download the certificate you need to scroll down the page and click on ‘View/ Download PDF’ option.


Now your interest certificate on SBI savings account and deposit account will be downloaded to your PC. You can use it any time it needed. This is the process how to download SBI savings account interest certificate online.


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