How to remove mobile number from Indane gas booking?


Hi friends in this blog we are going to describe about how to remove mobile number from Indane gas booking account online? If you are an Indane gas customer, sometimes you might have booked Indane gas refill through any mobile number other than the registered mobile number.


In that time the other mobile number which you have used to book refill is saved in the Indane gas account. If you check your profile of Indane gas account then you will see the mobile numbers which you have used to book refill. You may also see that the mobile number through which you have booked refill in the last time is shown as primary mobile number.


In such conditions people wish to delete the other mobile numbers except the registered mobile number from the list shown in your Indane gas account profile. Then you can easily delete mobile number from your account online.


But many people don’t know the process how to remove mobile number from Indane gas connection. Therefore in the following paragraphs we are discussing the whole process.


How to remove mobile number from Indane gas booking:

Before going to delete mobile number from Indane gas booking account you need to register in Indane gas online portal i.e. Indian Oil online portal. We have already discussed the process of registering in another blog before.


After registration in Indane gas online portal you have to follow the following process to delete mobile number from Indane gas account online. Here you will find the step by step process.


STEP I: Go to Google and search the term ‘book Indane gas online’. After searching the term you will see some search result relating to it. Click on the first search result shown as ‘to Book Indane Gas –’ just under the website URL


STEP 2: Now you will be redirected to a new page. This is the Indane gas online booking portal’s home page. Click on the option login on the right upper corner of the page.


STEP 3: After clicking on login you are asked to enter your registered mobile number or e-mail Id with Indane gas connection. Enter the mobile number here and click on ‘continue’.


STEP 4: In this new page you are asked to enter the password of your account. Enter the password which you have created at the time of registration and click on the box before ‘I am not a robot’ and click on ‘submit’ button when it shows a green trick sign.


STEP 5: Now you are logged in to your Indane gas account. You will see the customer’s name on the right top corner of the page. Click on the drop down symbol seen against the name of the customer. Three new options will be appeared. Click on the option ‘My Profile’.


STEP 6: After click on the option ‘My profile’ you will be seen your account details like mobile number, email address, communicational address, account number etc.

Here you will all the mobile numbers linked with your Indane account.


STEP 7: An option ‘change’ will be seen against each mobile number. Click on this option placed against the mobile number which you want to delete. When you clicked on the change option a pop up window will be appeared. It says to enter your new mobile number.


Now you need to enter the mobile number which is shown as primary here. Enter your primary mobile number and click on ‘Submit’ button.


STEP 8: An OTP will be sent to your new mobile number. Enter the mobile number here and click on ‘Verify OTP’.


A confirmation report and mobile number update request number will also be displayed. You can see it on the next login.


STEP 9: Now again you need to login to your account. Go to the login page and login to your account again. And then go to your profile. Here you will see your primary mobile number as ‘Un-verified’ and the mobile number which you want to delete is removed successfully from the list of mobile numbers.


Now you need to verify your primary mobile number.


STEP 10: To verify the mobile number click on the option ‘un-verified’. Again a pop up window appeared and it says to enter the OTP which is sent to the mobile number you are going to verify.


Enter the OTP and click on ‘verify OTP’.


STEP 11: Now a massage will be displayed saying that your mobile number is successfully verified. You will see this mobile number on your next login.


We also discussed the whole process in the following video. If you like live demo then watch the following video.






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