How to generate virtual Id of your NPS account? (NPS D-remit)


Hi friends, in this video we are discussing about ‘how to generate virtual Id of your NPS account’. If you are a NPS customer then you may have heard that you can generate a virtual account against your NPS account. You can also get same day NAV by investing through this account number online.


If we transferred amount to NPS account then we used to get NAV after two days till now. But if we transferred money using NPS virtual account number within the cut off time then we get the same day NAV.  Transferred amount after the cut off timings we will get the NAV of next day.


Many times people invested money in NPS account watching the market position. Suppose now share market is performing low and you have invested in NPS account, but you will get NAV after two days. In such a situation if the stock market increases after two days, then you will get a higher rate of NAV.


That’s why people were demanding the same day NAV. Now government introduced the ‘same day NAV’ facility only if you make investment through virtual account number.


How to generate virtual Id of NPS account?

You can generate virtual account number of your NPS account online. The virtual Id of tier I and tier II account will be separate. You can generate virtual Id for both or for any one of Tier I or Tier II account.


Here we are discussing the step by step process of generating NPS virtual Id for NPS Tier II account.


STEP 1: Go to the website and open the home page of the website.

STEP 2: Now you are in e-NPS’s website. You will see some guidelines for online registration in eNps. You will also see an option ‘click here’ for registration of virtual Id for making same day investment through your bank account under NPS’. Click on the option ‘Click here’.


STEP 3: A new pop up window will be appeared. In the right side of the page you will see four options. Click on the option ‘Get same day NAV- register for d-remit’.


STEP 4: A pop up window will open again and it displayed some instructions about NPS D-remit facility. Read the details and click on ‘OK’.


STEP 5: A  form will be appeared where you need to enter PRAN number. Date of birth, select request OTP through e-mail or SMS, enter the captcha code and click on ‘verify PRAN’.


STEP 6: A pop up window will appear here you need to confirm mobile number. After reading the confirming mobile number instructions click on ‘send OTP’ option.


STEP 7: An OTP will be received on your registered mobile number or email address which you have chosen on the above steps. Enter the OTP on this page and click on ‘Submit. If OTP is not received then click on the option ‘regenerate OTP’.


STEP 8: Another page will open, here you have to select for which account (Tier I or Tier II) you want to generate the virtual account. If you wish to generate virtual Id for Tier I only then select ‘Tier I’, if you wish to generate Virtual Id for Tier II account then select ‘Tier II’. If you wish to generate virtual account for both Tier I and Tier II then click on ‘both’.

After selecting tier types on this page trick on the box before declaration and click on ‘generate virtual account’ button.


STEP 9: In this step a pop up massage will be appeared. The acknowledge number and IFSC code of the virtual account number will appeared. Click on the ‘OK’ button.


STEP 10: Again on the page you will see your virtual account generation acknowledgement number, registration date and the status of generating virtual Id. You will also receive the acknowledgement number through SMS and e-mail from NSDL.


After two to three working days you will get your NPS virtual account number on SMS and e-mail. After receiving the account number have to add this in your internet banking beneficiary page. After successfully added the account number you can send money and get same day NAV. This is the NPS D-remit facility.


In the following video we have discussed the whole process in step by step. If you wish then you can watch the video.











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