How to make changes/correction in NPS account details?


Hi friends, in this blog we are going to discuss about how to make changes/correction in name, address, DOB, father’s name, bank details, nomination details etc. You can also re-issue your IPIN and MPIN applying through this process.


If you are a NPS customer then sometimes you need to make changes/correction in your address, DOB, nomination etc. in your NPS account. But you don’t know how you can apply for make correction of the details you want in your NPS account. Therefore we have described the process of how to make changes/correction in NPS account details here.


You can make correction in NPS account by offline and online both. But while you are making changes online you have to make changes in address, nominee, e-mail and mobile number etc. by different processes. But if you apply for make correction/changes offline then you can do all the changes/corrections by submitting a single form. Therefore offline mode is the best in comparison to online mode. Moreover many times in online mode you need to verify it through your POPSP/Nodal office/DDO etc.


We are discussing here about the offline process. For make correction in NPS account offline you need to download a form namely“S2”. And fill up the details you needed and submit it to your POP, POPSP, Nodal office, DDO etc. as per your NPS profile.


   To download and fill up the personal details change form ‘S2’ follow the bellow mentioned steps.


How to download ‘S2’ form:

STEP 1: To download the NPS personal details update form you need to visit a website . Now go this website’s home page.


STEP 2: After opening the home page of this website you will see four categories of NPS account. That are Government sector, all citizen in India, corporate sector, NPS Lite/ APY.


You need to click on any one of them in which category your NPS account was opened.


STEP 3: After click on the category mentioned in above you will see some options like FAQ, Forms, Points of presence corner etc. Click on the option ‘Forms’ here.


STEP 4: In this page you will see some other categories and different forms under different categories. Click on the category ‘NPS account maintenance’. After clicking on that some forms will be appeared. Click on the form ‘S2 subscriber details change’ to download the form.


STEP 5: By clicking on the form it will appear in a different window. Take a print or save the form on your computer.


How to fill the NPS subscribe details change form S2:

In above STEPS we have discussed the process of download the subscriber details change form “S2”. Now we have the form on our hand. To fill up the form you we need to follow some instructions. Which are as under.


(a     *  This form is to be used for change/correction in Subscriber master details, reissue of IPIN/TPIN, reissue of PRAN card.

(b After filled the form it is to be submitted to the Nodal office, POP, POPSP.

(c        *Please tick the box on the left margin of appropriate row where change/correction is required and provide the details in the corresponding row. Please strike off the remaining blank rows for which no change is requested.

(d   *The form needs to be filled in BLOCK LETTERS and in BLACK INK only.

(e    *Details Marked with (*) are the mandatory fields. Mention 12 digits PRAN correctly.

(f     * If any date required to filled in this form should be in “DD/MM/YYYYˮ Format.

(g     *Reissue of T-PIN, I-PIN (Not Applicable for NPS-Lite Subscriber) and Subscriber has to pay a fee for reissue of PRAN card.


The above general guidelines should be followed strictly while fill up the form. Now we will discuss the steps of the form to be filled up which are given bellow.


STEP 1:  In this form see the first mentioned fields. We have to fill the general fields for all subscribers who are filling this form. First trick on the section A if you wish to change in the subscribers master details, Trick on the section B for re-issue of IPIN/TPIN and Trick on section C for re-issue of PRAN card.


Thereafter enter your PRAN number correctly.


How to change in name, date of birth, father’s name, gender in NPS account:

STEP 2: If you need to change in subscriber’s name, date of birth, father’s name, subscriber’s gender in NPS account then fill this step on the S2 form. First trick on the box before the personal details.


 In this step you need to enter Subscriber’s first name, maiden name, last name, father’s and mother’s first name, middle name, last name, subscriber’s gender, date of birth, PAN number, spouse name and KYC number.


You should be attached proof of date of birth and KYC details with this form.

 KYC Number, Retirement Adviser Code and Spouse Name fields are not

applicable for Government & NPS Lite Subscribers


If anyone wants to change of date of birth then enter it correctly and attach a proof of date of birth. The name of the document for proof of date of birth is mentioned on the last page of the form.


STEP 3: In this step you need to enter a proof of identity as shown in the image bellow. Enter the expiry date of the document if there any validity date is exist.


How to change address in NPS account:

STEP 4: This step has to fill by those personnel who have to make changes in address in NPS account. First of all trick on the box before correspondence address and permanent address. Enter the addresses correctly.


Trick on the box on the after the term ‘permanent address details’ if you have the same address for correspondence and permanent. Here you need to attach valid proof of address document.   See the list of documents on the last proof of address.

How to update mobile number and e-mail in NPS account:

STEP 5: NPS subscribers who have to update mobile number and e-mail address in NPS account have to fill this step of the S2 form. Trick on the box before the ‘contact details’ section.


Enter your correct mobile number and e-mail address here.


STEP 6: In this step you can update your occupation details, income range, education qualification and politically exposed personnel details here. Trick on the relevant boxes.


If you are a politically exposed person then see the instruction number 3 at the last page of the S2 form.


How to update bank account details in NPS account:

STEP 7: Those NPS subscribers who have to change/make corrections in bank account details in NPS account will fill this part of the form. In this part of the form you can enter bank details for your Tier I and Tier II account separately.


Before entering your bank account details you need to select account type as current account, savings account for both Tier I & Tier II account. If you have not activated Tier II account then leave the details for Tier II.


Here you need to enter your bank account number, bank name, branch name, bank MIRC code, IFSC code etc. Enter all the details correctly for both Tier I and Tier II account.


How to change nomination details in NPS account:

STEP 8: In the number 8 of the S2 form you can change/add/update your nominee details in NPS account. You can enter your nominee details for your Tier I account and Tier II account.


For make changes in nominee first Trick on your account type as Tier I or Tier II. If you have to change nominee of both Tier I and Tier II account then trick on both boxes before the account types.


Now enter your nominee’s first name, middle name, last name and relationship with the nominee. If your nominee is minor then you need to enter date of birth of the nominee and nominee’s guardian details.


Enter all the details correctly. If you have to add more than one nominee then enter the other nominee details on the additional nomination form provided on the end of the S2 form. You can add maximum three nominees with one NPS account.


How to re-issue PRAN card, IPIN and TPIN of NPS account:

STEP 9: Here in this step you can apply for re-issue of your TPIN and IPIN of your NPS account. TPIN is the 4 digit password which you can use to know your balance by phone call. And the IPIN is your NPS account password to check your NPS account balance, make transaction etc. online.


To re-issue IPIN and TPIN trick on the box before the phrases Section B, I-PIN and T-PIN.


You can also re-issue your PRAN card by tricking on the box before the word ‘Section C’. You have to pay the charges of re-print of your PRAN card.


After filling correctly all the details in the form S2 submit it to your POP, POPSP, DDO, Nodal office etc. Government employee need to submit it to their department/nodal office.


All citizen of India can submit it to your respective POP, POPSP from where the open their NPS account or any of their nearest POPSP.


All e-NPS subscribers can submit it to NPS CRA directly through post.


You can watch the following video on this topic.










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