How to check SBI transaction status online on mobile?


          In today’s time the digital platforms are growing fast. Peoples started to do their work online. They like to make banking transaction online. Most of the Banks have their internet banking and mobile banking facilities. They offer to their customers the facility of mobile banking and internet banking. So that customers can make almost all types of transaction online.

          SBI is also one of the most popular and top banks in India. SBI also offers net banking and mobile banking facility to their customers. They introduced internet banking and some mobile applications by which people can do their financial non-financial transactions. The most popular SBI mobile applications are SBI Yono lite and SBI Yono.

          By using these two applications SBI customer can do fund transfer, utility bill payment, recharges, update profile details in account, check transaction status and much more.

          Here in this blog we are discussing about ‘how to check SBI transaction status online on mobile’. Suppose you have done a fund transfer using Yono lite application. Now you wish to know about the transaction status that the transaction was successful or not? The amount was posted to the beneficiary’s account or not? In that conditions you can go through SBI Yono Lite application and can check your transaction status online on mobile.

          How to check SBI internet banking/ mobile banking transaction status online: Before processing this process you should register on SBI Internet Banking or mobile banking. You can go through this process only when you have registered with SBI internet banking. So register to SBI net banking and install Yono Lite application on your mobile.

          After installation of Yono Lite application follow the following steps to know the transaction status.

STEP 1: Go to your mobile and open SBI Yono Lite mobile application. Enter your internet banking login credentials or MPIN to login in your account.

STEP 2: After login to your account you will see some options on the screen. Here you have to find and click on the option ‘Services’.

STEP 3: In this page you will see a list of different options. Here you will see an option ‘Transaction Status Enquiry’. Click on this option.

STEP 4: After clicking on the ‘Transaction Status Enquiry’ you will be redirected to a page where you are asked to select ‘from date’ and ‘to date’ for which period you need to see the transaction status. Keep in mind that the period should not greater than 30 days. Finally click on ‘View details’.

STEP 5: In this step you will find the transactions between your selected dates. You have to find the transaction from the list for which you wish to see the status. Click on that transaction.

STEP 6: Now the transaction status will be displayed on the screen. Check the reference number, amount, debited account, credited account, status etc.

          In this way you can check SBI transaction status online using Yono Lite mobile app. I hope this blog helps you to know your transaction details.

          If you like to watch live demo then watch the video given bellow for better understanding the process. We have discussed the step by step process in the video also.




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