How to add payee in ICICI mobile Banking app and transfer fund?


        Hi friends, in this blog we discuss about how to add payee in ICICI mobile Banking app? If you are an ICICI Bank customer and you wish to transfer fund using iMobile app then how can you do it? For that you need to add payee to ICICI mobile banking first.

         Many people don’t know to add beneficiary to ICICI mobile banking. Therefore we are discussing the step by step process here. If you have added a beneficiary using ICICI mobile banking app it also added to ICICI internet banking payee list. Hence it is no matter whether you are added beneficiary in ICICI internet banking or mobile banking.

        Before adding payee in ICICI mobile banking app you should have some account number, account holder’s name, IFSC of the account’s branch. Remember that the details must be correct.

          How to add beneficiary in iMobile app: Here we discuss the step by step process of adding beneficiary in ICICI mobile app.

          STEP 1: Go to ICICI Mobile banking app iMobile and open it. After opening the application login with your MPIN or using finger print. You can use figure print only if you have a mobile where finger print scanner is available and you have added your finger print to your mobile banking app.

          STEP 2: Now you are logged in to your account. In this page you will see the banking related options. Click on the option ‘Fund Transfer’.

          STEP 3: After clicking on the option ‘Fund Transfer’ it will redirected you to fund transfer page. Here you will find an option ‘Add/Manage payee’, click on this option.

          STEP 4: In this page you a form will displayed. First you have to select the option ‘ICICI bank’ for ICICI bank beneficiary or select ‘Other Bank’ for other bank beneficiary. Here enter account holder’s name, account number and re-enter account number and IFSC code.  Then select the account type as savings, current, loan etc. Enter a payee nick name. It is optional if you don’t wish to enter a nick name then it is no needed.

          After entering all the details click on ‘Proceed’.

          STEP 5: Now in this new page you have to check the account details. If all the details are correct then click on ‘Submit’. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on the pop up window.

          STEP 6: Now your payee is added to ICICI bank payee list. You can see these beneficiary in the payee list.

          In this topic many people asks some questions. The questions are as on the following types.

Q1. How do I add an account to iMobile app?

Q2. How can I add payee in ICICI mobile banking?

Answer: The answers of both questions are same as described in the above topic.

        How to transfer fund from ICICI mobile app: In the above topic we have discussed to add payee in ICICI mobile banking. After added payee you can transfer money. Follow the following steps to transfer money from ICICI mobile banking app.

STEP 1: Go to ICICI mobile banking app and login using your MPIN or Finger print. After login to your account click on the option ‘Fund Transfer’.

STEP 2: In this page you have to select your payee from the payee list. Enter amount, enter a remarks and then select any one of the transfer type from IMPS, NEFT and RTGS. Finally click on ‘Proceed’.

STEP 3: Here in this page enter your MPIN of your mobile banking app. Now your fund has been transferred. The details of your transfer will be displayed on the screen.

In this way you can add payee and transfer fund through iMobile app.

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