How to recharge mobile using PAYBACK points/ICICI Bank reward points?


            Hi friends, in this video we discuss about ‘how to recharge mobile using payback points’. If you are an ICICI Bank customer and you are used ICICI Bank debit card and internet banking then you earned some reward points. These points are called Payback points. While you have earned sufficient Payback point then you can use it to recharge mobile, for online purchase etc. You can check your earned Payback points through ICICI internet banking or mobile banking. If you have 1 Payback point then you can redeem it for Rs.0.25 means for every 4 points you get 1 rupee.

          Hence in this blog we are going to discuss the process of mobile recharge redeeming the Payback point you have earned. But before redeem the Payback points you need to register in  using your Payback number or registered mobile number with ICICI Bank. Your Payback number will get from ICICI Bank internet banking ‘exclusive offerings’ section.

          How to recharge mobile using ICICI Bank Payback points: After registering in we have to follow the following steps for recharging mobile using payback points.

          STEP 1: Go to Google and search ‘’. Click on the first search result ‘Largest multi brand Loyalty program in India’. It redirect to payback home page.

          STEP 2: In this page you will see an option ‘Login’ click on it. After clicking on it you are asked to enter Payback card number/ mobile number and four digits PIN. Enter the required details and click on ‘Login’.

          STEP 3: Now you are logged in to your Payback account. Here on the right corner of the page you will see your name and available payback points. On the upper bar of the page you will see an Option ‘Redeem points’. Place the cursor on it and some more option will displayed. Click on the option ‘Instant voucher’.

          STEP 4: Now again open some more options where you have an option ‘e-com and online’ place the cursor again on it. After placing the cursor on it 21 more options appear. Click on the option ‘Mobile recharge’.

          STEP 5: Clicking on mobile recharge you will be redirected to a page where you have to select mobile recharge voucher’s value. Select the value from the list shown on the screen. After selecting the value you will be seen the order summary. In the order summary it will displayed about your voucher value, points to be redeem, if any payment required then the payment value etc. Accept the terms and conditions and click on ‘PLACE ORDER”.

          STEP 6: Now a pop up window will appear where the payback account details will be shown. Click on ‘Next’ button.

          STEP 7: In this new page summary of your cart will be displayed. Check all the details. An OTP will also sent to your registered mobile number enter the OTP here and click on ‘confirm order’ Button.

          STEP 8: The page will redirect to payment page if any payment raised. Complete the payment if any otherwise it shows the recharge voucher will displayed. It also sent to your registered mobile number.

Recharge mobile using above voucher: Now you have completed buying recharge voucher using payback point. Thereafter we have to recharge mobile using this voucher. For that you need to follow the following process.

* Go to the website The mobile recharge page will appear. Select ‘I have a gift voucher’ then enter the voucher code and click on ‘check’. A POP up massage will appear saying that voucher can be consumed once, no plan change can be entertained later. Click on ‘OK’.

* Now enter your mobile number to be recharged, then enter the amount and click on ‘proceed to recharge’.

* Another page will open where you will asked to create a account. If you don’t wish to create account then click on ‘continue as guest’.

* The details of recharge will be shown. Check the details and click on ‘proceed’ if any changes needed then click on ’Go back’.

* Now your mobile will be recharged successfully.


          If you need live help then watch the bellow video where step by step process on above matter is described.


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  1. How get recharge receipt from payback
    Like other Amazon, paytm, google pay and others. We retired successful recharge receipt after points redes.