How to apply for SBI ATM card online?

              State Bank Of India offers various types of ATM cards to their customers. Every ATM cards has different benefits.  Customers can select any one of the ATMs as their need. In general we have applied for ATM/ Debit card at the time of account opening and we got the ATM. Many times customers lost, damaged, blocked, misplaced their ATM cards. Moreover the fraud activities happen with ATM cum debit cards. In that conditions people closed their ATM cards and applied for a new ATM. 

            Whenever anyone closed their ATM cards he needs to apply for a new  ATM cards. A customer can apply for an ATM by three ways.

            * By visiting branch.
            * Online, by internet Banking.
            *By contacting customer services.

            By visiting branch : To apply for ATM offline you need to go your home branch with your passbook. Take ATM cum Debit card applying form from the counter, fill up the form and submit it in your branch. After 7-8 days you will received the massage that your ATM debit card is sent to your registered address.

            By internet Banking : If we ask 'how to apply for SBI ATM card online' then the answer comes to our mind is by using internet Banking. To apply for SBI debit card online you need to registered with SBI net banking first. One can apply online for SBI ATM card only when he /she has the SBI internet Banking user ID and password. Here is the step by step process of 'how to apply for SBI ATM card online'. Follow the following steps.

            STEP  1: Go to SBI internet Banking login page and login entering User Id, password and captcha code shown in the box.

           STEP 2: After login to your internet Banking you will find a option 'e-services' on the upper bar of the page. Click on this option. After clicking on this option some other options will be appeared. Find and  click on the option 'ATM services'.

            STEP 3: A new page will appear and six more options displayed under ATM card services. Before processing the process we should know that to avail ATM card related services online you need to have full transaction right. If you have no full transaction right then update the transaction right level first. Among the options shown in this page you will find an option 'Request ATM/Debit card'. Click on this option.

            STEP 4: Now you will be redirected to a page where you will see a form. In this form first select your account number then write the name which you wish to printed on your ATM card and then select your card type, accept the terms and conditions and finally click on 'submit'.

            STEP 5: After submitting above form you are asked to confirm your details. Here you will see primary account number, Name on the card, type of the card and your registered address with bank. Check all the details carefully and click on 'Submit'.

            STEP 6: In this page two mode will displayed. You have to select one of them. The one is 'Using one time password (OTP)' and the other is 'Using profile password'. Select one as you wish.

             STEP 7: When you click on one of the above option it will redirected to another page. You need to enter your OTP or profile password here. Enter the password and click on 'Submit'. Now a massage will displayed saying that your card request has been recorded. You will received your debit card within 7-8 days.

            By contacting customer service : If all the above mentioned process failed then you can contact SBI customer service and request for applying SBI ATM/Debit card.

            These are the process of applying for SBI debit card. If you like to watch video to see the live process you can watch the following video. We discussed the process of applying SBI ATM/Debit card online.


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