How to lock and unlock SBI Internet Banking online?

        State Bank of India is the largest Bank in India. It offers to their customers various online transaction services. One of them is SBI Internet Banking. You can recharge mobile/DTH/data card, transfer funds, pay bills etc. using SBI internet Banking. But you know that internet banking is not always safe. In todays time we hare regular internet Banking fraud newsies. If are not alert and don't take security measures then internet Banking misusage can happen any time. Therefore keeping in mind such types of threat SBI introduced the option 'Lock & Unlock user'. You can lock your internet banking user access at any time and you can unlock it again when you wish. You can also easily lock it after every usage and can unlock while it need to use. By exercising this method you can make safe your internet banking. Using this feature when you fill that someone is misusing your internet banking then you can lock your internet banking fast without visiting branch. We are explaining the procedure of 'how to lock and unlock SBI Internet Banking online' bellow.

        How to lock SBI Net Banking user access : Firstly we discuss the step by step process of locking SBI Internet Banking assess. Follow the following mentioned steps to lock SBI Internet Banking.

        STEP I : Go to Google and search the website . Then click on the first search result 'State Bank Of India'.

        STEP 2: It will redirected you to the a page where you can select Personal Banking, Corporate Banking option. Click on 'Login' under personal Banking. Another page will open where you click on the option 'continue to login' option.

        STEP 3: Now you are in SBI Internet Banking login page. By entering your internet Banking credentials you can login from this page. In this page if you scroll down the page you will see an option 'Lock & Unlock User'. Click on this option.

        STEP 4: After click on that option a POP up window will be opened. Select the lock or unlock user access as 'Lock User Access'. Then enter your user name of internet banking, account number and the captcha code shown in the box. After entered all the details on that page click on 'confirm'.

        STEP 5: Clicking on 'confirm' a POP up massage will displayed. It says three points

   1. You can lock your internet access if you fill there is any unauthorize access/transaction being performed in your account.

    2. The schedule instructions and standing instructions if any set by the user, will continue to be active and get executed as usual and there is no change in this processes.

    3. By clicking on 'OK' your internet access will be locked and you will not able to perform any Internet Banking Transaction.

After reading the instructions click on 'OK'.


        STEP 6: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on this page and click on 'Submit'. After submit the OTP a massage will displayed. It says that 'Your Internet Banking has been locked successfully'.

        How to Unlock SBI Internet Banking : If you have locked your internet banking access online then you can unlock your internet banking easily. Follow the following steps to unlock SBI internet Banking.

        STEP 1: Go to SBI internet banking login page as said in first part of this blog. Click on the option 'Lock & Unlock User'. A POP up window will open where you have to select Lock and Unlock access option as Unlock Access, enter the internet banking user name, enter account number and the captcha code shown in the box. After put all the details click on the option 'confirm'.

        STEP 2: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on this page and click on 'submit'.

        STEP 3: After submitting the OTP another page will open where two options will displayed. One is proceed using profile password and the other is proceed through Home branch. Select the option 'using profile password' to activate instantly and sitting in home. And If you have forgotten your profile password then you can select through home branch option. 

        STEP 4: Clicking on the option using profile password it redirected to a new page where you have to enter your profile password. Enter the password and click on 'submit'. Now a massage will displayed saying that your INB user access is unlocked successfully.

        If you want to see all the above process on video then watch the following videos. The detailed live process is shown in the videos.

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