How to do Air India web check in? Air India boarding pass download.


        You all know that Government make web check in mandatory for all domestic and international air traveler. People should do their web check in before going to airport. If you don't carry a boarding pass before entering to airport then you will not be allowed to enter in airport. You must carry boarding pass with you before entering airport. Now due to Covid 19 pandemic as per government advisory customer should do their web check in before entering airport. So that  person to person contact can be reduced. It helps to reduce the chances of spreading Covid 19 infections.

        Before the Covid 19 pandemic web check in was not so popular. Only few passengers were done web check in before going to airport. By doing web check in they save the time of standing in que for collecting boarding pass. Hence people did their web check in to save their time and  hesitation. Anyone can go for security check directly if he or she has not any luggage except cabin baggage. 

        All airlines has the web check in facility. Passengers can generate their boarding pass before journey. In general you can do web check in before 48 hours to 60 minutes to the flight schedule. You can find check in option in airline's website. Sometimes you can do web check in form the partner websites also.

        How to do Air India web check in : If you have booked an Air India flight ticket recently then you need to do web check in  48 hours to 60 min prior to flight schedule. If you can not do Air India web check in due to webpage error then you can contact customer service for assist. They can provide you boarding pass. To do Air India web check in and download Air India boarding pass follow the following steps.

        *Go to Google and search . Click on the first search result 'welcome to Air India'.

        * It will redirected you to Air India home page. You will see the option 'web check in ' option.

        * After click on that option another page will open where you need to enter PNR number, last name of the passenger and the captcha code shown on the box. If you have more than one passengers in your e-ticket then enter first passenger's last name. after entered all the details click on 'submit'.

        * In this page you are asked to chose one option among the options shown. One is through frequent flyer number ant the other is using booking reference/ e-ticket number. if you have frequent flayer then you can go through frequent flayer  other wise click on the second option through e-ticket number.

        *After click on that option again you are asked to enter your e-ticket number/booking reference number and the name of the departure airport. Enter the PNR number in e-ticket number and enter your destination airport's name. Then click on 'continue'.

        *  Now you will be redirected to a page where you will see the flight summary and passenger summary. Click on 'continue' here.

        * In this page it says about  dangerous goods which are not allowed to carry in flight. Select the acknowledgement and click on 'continue'. 

        * Again you will see your ticket and passenger summary on the screen. You also see an option 'PRINT TRAVEL DOCUMENTs'. Click on it. Now your boarding pass will be downloaded.

        In the following videos you will see the live demo of doing Air India web check-in process. 

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