How to do Indigo web check in? (print boarding pass Indigo and print baggage tag Indigo )


        Before Covid 19 pandemic people do web check to avoid long que for taking boarding pass. If you have taken boarding pass before coming to airport and if you have only hand baggage then you can directly go for security check. You need not go through long que for collection of boarding pass. Its save your time also. Sometimes we are too late to reach in airport. In that condition if you have not carry boarding pass with you then you may not be able to get boarding pass and your flight may be missed.  If you carry the boarding pass then you can directly go through security check. It helps people to save their times and reduce the chances of flight miss.

        Now After the Covid 19 pandemic it is mandatory to done web check in before entering airport. Without boarding pass you will not allowed to enter airport.

        What is Indigo web check in: If you have booked an Indigo air ticket and generate your boarding pass online( Indigo boarding pas print) before 48 to 1 hour of flight schedule then its called  Indigo web check in.

        How to do Indigo web check in: For Indigo web check in and print boarding pass Indigo we need to go Indigo ticket booking website. Here is the step by step process of  generate Indigo baggage tag and boarding pass.

        STEP 1: Go to website's home page and click on 'check in' button on the upper bar within flight section. After click on 'check in' you are asked to enter PNR/Booking reference and e-mail/Last Name of the passenger. Enter the details as per your e-ticket and click on 'Check In'. If you have more than one passenger in your ticket then write the last name of first passenger in your ticket.


        STEP  2:   A new page will open where you find the name of the passenger and you have to select seat in the next step. If you don't wish to select seat and want free seat then click on the option 'Auto assign seat' and if you wish to select your seat of your choice then click on 'Select seat'.

        STEP 3 : Now you are redirected to a new page where you will see the seat lay out of the flight. You will also be seen the price list of the seats. While you placed Corser on any one of the seat it shows the price of that seat. You also find the free seat here. Select the seat of your choice and click on 'OK'. After selected the seat it's colour will be changed to green. Finally click on 'Proceed'.


        STEP 4: In this page you will be redirected to payment page. If any payment raise make the payment using net Banking, credit card/debit card, UPI etc.

           STEP 5: After successful transaction a new page appear where the name of the passenger, seat number will displayed. Once again you have the chance of modifying your seat number. Click on 'Modify seats' if you want to change the seat selected otherwise click on 'check in'.


        STEP 5 : Here another page will appear, where dangerous goods and restricted items list will appear you need to agree the the show details. Click on the option 'Agree and continue'.

        STEP 6 : A new page will displayed where you need to enter your mobile number e-mail address, age, destination address and destination PIN code. Enter all the details and select the Covid 19 related declarations and click on 'Agree and continue' option.

    STEP 7: In this step a POP up massage will displayed it says 'add check in baggage and and print baggage tag'. Here click on 'add check in baggage now'.

     STEP 8: A new page will appeared where your boarding pass will be appeared. Click on 'save pdf' and also click on email to send the boarding pass on email. If you have a printer you can print directly your boarding pass by clicking on 'print'.

       STEP 9: Now click on 'add check in baggage now' again. Another page will open select your number of baggage and click on 'generate bag tag'. Your baggage tag will appear on the screen click on download, e-mail and print option as of your choice.

        In this away we can generate Indigo boarding pass and baggage tag online. If you wish to watch live step by step process then watch the video given billow.

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