How to change address in LIC policy online?


        LIC is a long time investment scheme for a period of 15, 20,25 etc. In that conditions most of the LIC customers left their old places and settled in new places in  such a long period. While you have applied for LIC policy then you might have given your address for communication with LIC. But now you are not staying in that address. In such condition you need to change your address in LIC policy also. Because if  any communication related to your policy is sent to your old address then you will not able to receive it. Moreover LIC may sent you a confidential and important document to you. If you have not received the document then anybody can misuse of it. To prevent that type of problems you need to change /update your address to LIC policy. Keeping in such type of problems LIC introduce online address change application process for their customers. 

        Now you need not think about for visiting LIC branch for updating your address. You can apply it online. If you want to know the process 'How to change address in LIC policy online' then you can follow bellow mentioned process.

        How to change address in LIC policy online: Here is the step by process for 'how to update LIC contact details, address online? Before proceeding you must have registered with LIC customer portal. So do your registration first and enroll your policies. 

        STEP 1- Go to Google and search Then click on the link 'customer porta'. Another page will open where you have to click on 'registered user' link. 

        STEP 2: In this step you are redirected to LIC customer portal's login page. Where enter your user ID, password and date of birth of policy holder then enter the captcha code and click on 'login'.

        STEP 3: Now you are logged in to your LIC customer portal's account. After login go to your account's dash board and click on the 'Service requests' app.

        STERP 4: After clicking on 'Service requests' app a new page will open where you will see the service request option. You need to select 'address change' from the drop down menu.


    STEP 5: Here another page will open, in this page some instructions will appear. The instructions are as under.

      * Change of address will be accepted for in-force, paid-up policies.

      * You are required to upload self attested scan copy of address proof.

      * The address proof provide by you should be in your name.

      * The scan copy of the address proof should be in jpeg,  png, gif, bmp, tif or tiff  format.

       * The file size should not exceed 100 KB file name should not exceed 40 characters. 

        Read all the instructions and click on 'I agree' then click on 'Proceed'.

        STEP 6: After click on 'proceed' you are redirected to a new page where all of your eligible enrolled policies and the address against the policies will appeared. Select the policy for which you want to change/update address. After selecting the policy number click on 'proceed'.

        STEP 7: In this page an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and email will be sent. Enter the OTP here and click on 'submit'. Note that the OTP will valid for 15 minutes.

        STERP 8: Now here your old address, your mobile number, your email address will appear. You are asked to validate your PIN code. Enter your new PIN code and click on 'validate PIN code'. After validated the PIN code you have to enter your new address. Enter the new address, select the address proof document name form the drop down and upload the self attested scanned copy of address proof document. After that you need to select the authority declaration. Select all the three declarations and click on 'Submit'.

        STEP 9: An massage will displayed saying that your service request has been registered successfully. New address will be updated in policy record within 3 working days.

        we also discuss the same topic in the following video. If you like audio video tutorial then you can watch the video.


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