How to do Spicejet web check-in? Download Spicejet boarding pass and baggage tag.


          In this Covid-19 pandemic time Government has made web check-in mandatory for the passengers who are travelling by air. Without boarding pass you are not allowed to entry in airport. Hence you must do web check-in or self check-in before traveling by air. If you booked Spicejet air ticket then you can do web check-in from Spicejet website.

         What is Spicejet web check-in: If you have booked a Spicejet flight ticket then you can generate your boarding pass and baggage tag online before 48-1 hour from flight schedule. To generate boarding pass and baggage tag online you have to follow a process. This process is called Spicejet web check in.

        Spicejet web check-in benefits :  If you do Spicejet web check-in and if youhave only cabin baggage in your hand then you can directly go through security check. You need not go for collection of boarding pass and stand in long queue. You can save your time also. Sometimes while we reached in airport we found that we got so late. In general Spicejet web check-in counter closes 45 minutes prior from the flight schedule. If you reached airport after closed the check-in counter but security check is going on and you have already done the web check-in then you can go to security. By doing web check-in you can avoid from your flight missed. 

        While we are discussing in this matter we also take notice on some common questions arise in this matter. 'Is web check-in is free in Spicejet'? 'Can I get Spicejet web check-in free seats'? Obtusely I say 'Yes', you can done a free web check-in. You can take a free seat in Spicejet web check-in. For that you need to select 'auto assign seat'  in Spicejet seat selection option.

        How to do Spicejet web check-in : To do Spicejet web check-in you need to follow some simple steps. Before go for web check-in you should know that you may have also make a payment if you select a paid seat. Follow the following steps for Spicejet web check-in.

        STEP 1: Go to Google and search After search click on the search result displaying ' Spicejet Flight Booking for Domestic and International'. 

        STEP 2: Now you are in Spicejet website's home page. Here you see an option 'Web Chek-In' click on it. Then another page will open where you are asked to enteryour PNR number and e-mail/Last name of the passenger. Enter the PNR number from your e-ticket and enter the last name of the passenger. If you have more than one passenger on your ticket then enter the last name of the first passenger. Then click on 'search'.

        STEP 3: Here 'Terms and conditions for web check-in' will open. Read all the T&Cs, trick on accept the terms and conditions for web check-in and click on 'ACCEPT'.

        STEP 4: In this page you will see the passenger details and flight details. You also see an option 'Assign seat to begin check-in'. Click on it.

        STEP 5: You are in Spicejet seat selection page now. If you don't want to select seat and pay for seat then click on 'Auto assign seat' option. If you wish to select your favorite seat. Then select your seat from the seat assignment. Here you find some paid seat and some free seat. Check the price of the seat before selecting. After select your seat click on proceed.

          STEP 6: Now another page will open where you are asked to enter your destination address, contact number of destination, destination PIN code, email address etc. Enter all the details correctly and click on 'save and continue'.

        STEP 7: In this step you have to make payment if you select a paid seat. Complete the payment using internet banking, debit card, credit card, UPI etc. After completed your payment you will see your boarding pass and baggage tag. If you have selected a free seat then you need not make payment and directly you see the boarding pass and baggage tag on this page. Click on 'print' to download it on your PC. You can also received this Boarding pass and baggage tag on email click on 'send e-mail'. 

        If you have done web check-in before 12 hours from flight schedule and  selected auto assign seat then a massage will displayed that your boarding pass and baggage tag will be sent to your email before 12 hours from schedule. And it will receive on your mail before 12 hour from flight schedule, You can download the boarding pass and baggage tag from the email attachment.

       The whole process is discussed in the bellow video. Watch this video for know better the process.

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