How to open NPS Tier 2 account online?


          Peoples are always searching for best investment plans which can give them more returns comparison to other investment plans. They found various options but all of them are not secure or no records of continuous high return. Sometimes it may cause of high risk, if all amount of your investment is invested on equity. In that conditions NPS Tiear II may have the best options. Where you can invest the amount on equity and Govt. bonds at a times. You can also select the percentage of investing from your own side. It's your choice how you wish to play. If you wish to invest risk freely then you can invest the largest amount on the Govt. bonds, debt fund etc. And if you want to play aggressively then you can invest maximum amount on equity. The most beautiful thing is that the investment amount on equity will be automatically decreased gradually when your age is increasing. NPS want a risk free investment for their investors at the time of old age. You can also withdraw your Tier II amount when required. That is the main different of NPS Tier I and Tier II account. You can initiate withdrawal request online easily.

      Now the question is who can open a NPS Tier II account? The answer is any personnel who have an active Tier I account then he or she can be opened a NPS Tier II account. For opening NPS Tier II account it is necessary that your Tier I account should active. After knowing all the merits and demerits of NPS Tier II account if you wish to activate the account then you can activate NPS Tier II account online following the bellow mentioned steps.

      STEP I - Go to google and search . After search you will see the search results. Click on the first search result where you see the eNPS-NSDL heading.

      STEP II - You are redirected to a page where you will see two options 'National Pension System' and 'Atal Pension Yojana'. Click on the option 'National Pension System'. After click on that option a POP up window will be opened where you will have three options 'Registration, contribution, Tier II activation'. Click on the option 'Tier II activation' option.

      STEP III - In this page you have to verify your PRAN number. For that you have to enter your PRAN number, Date of Birth, PAN number and captcha shown on the page. Enter all the credentials and click on 'Verify PRAN' option.


       STEP IV - An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with the NPS account. Enter the OTP on this page and click on 'submit'. If you have not received the OTP then click on 'Regenerate OTP' option.

      STEP V -  Here you are ask to enter your Bank Account details. You are asked to enter account number, account type, IFSC, Bank name, branch name, branch address, Bank account link with Aadhaar or not etc. enter all the details and click on 'Save & Proceed'. IF you wish to remain the Bank account details same as Tier I account then select the option and click on 'Save & Proceed'.

      STEP VI - After click on the option 'save and proceed' on the last step a POP up window will open saying that ' Your name mapped to PRAN provided for Tier II registration in NPS matches with name as per PAN record'. Now click on 'Proceed'.
      STEP VII - In this step another POP up window will appear where you see the acknowledgement details and it says that your NPS tier 2 activation request is successfully initiated. Click here on "OK'.

      STEP VIII - You will see here another page will open where you need to select your scheme details. First you have to chose your your fund manager from the drop down menu. You will find here almost seven fund manager's name. Choose one of them of your choice.

      STEP IX  - After choosing fund manager you need to select investment type. The types are Auto and  Active. If you wish to choose the percentage of investment in various scheme by self then select 'Active' option. Otherwise if you don't wish to take risk or you have no knowledge of investment then choose the auto option. If you choose the auto option then you need to choose another three options like Moderate, Conservative and Aggressive. Where Moderate meaning moderate risk, Conservative meaning low risk and Aggressive meaning more risk than the other two options. Choose the investment details of your choice as shown on the bellow images and click on 'Save and Proceed'.
     Auto option

      Active option

      STEP X - In this step enter your nominee details. If you wish to retain same nominee with the Tier I then click on the box 'Same as Tier I' it will fiches all the details from Tier I. . If you have more than one nominee then click on the 'Add' button on the end of the page and you will have the option to add another nominee. Then click on 'Save and Confirm' option.

      STEP XI - Here you need to upload two document one is scan copy of your PAN card and the another is scan copy of cancelled cheque. Chose both the documents from your device and click on 'upload' option.

      STEP XII - After click on 'upload' you are redirected to the Bank details page to check the details once again. Check all the details once more and edit if any wrong entry happened. other wise click on 'Next'. Then it brings you to the to scheme details, nominee details and upload documents lastly. Check all the details carefully and click on 'Next'.

     STEP XIII - In this page you have to enter the payment amount. Enter the payment amount minimum Rs. 1000 and click on 'confirm payment'.

      STEP XIV - Now select the payment gateway as SBI e-pay or Billdesk. After select the option accept all the declaration and finally click on 'make payment'.

      STEP XV - In this step select your payment option as credit card, debit card, net banking etc. and complete the payment.

      STEP XVI - Now the payment receipt will be displayed on the screen. You can save or print it on your computer clicking on 'Save/Print Payment Receipt'. Now you will see another option 'Download Tier II Activation Form/e-Sign'. Click on it.

      STEP XVII - Here you find two option 'e-Sign Tier II activation form (paperless)' and 'Print Currier Tier II activation form' if you choose the first one then you need to e-sign the document by aadhaar OTP and if you choose the second one then you need to print the form, sign it, take DDO approval and sent it to the address shown in the next step. I recommended you to select the first one for the hassle free e-signature. You need not send any document to NSDL for activate NPS Tier II account. Now click on the first option and then click on the option 'e-sign and download'. An POP up window will be appear click on the option 'Proceed'.

      STEP XVIII - Now you are redirected to NSDL electronic signature service page. Here you have to authorize all the declarations displayed in the screen and enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number. Enter your aadhaar number and click on 'send OTP'. On the next page enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number with aadhaar and click on verify OTP.

      STEP XIX - Now in  this final step you will see the option to download e-signature form. Download the form for further communication. 

      Now you have completed your NPS Tier 2 activation process. The amount will be shown in your Tier 2 account within 2 working days and you may continue contribution to your account regularly. If you wish to watch the live activation process then watch the video given bellow.


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