How to link PAN number with LIC policy? (2020)

        In present time when you open a LIC policy you have to submit PAN card with your application. So that LIC may link your policy with your PAN number. But sometimes before there was no need to submit your PAN number with your LIC policy. So LIC gives you the options to link your policy with your PAN number online on their customer portal. You need not go to LIC branch for that work. To link your PAN number with LIC policy you just have to login on LIC's customer portal and follow some simple steps. Here is the step by step procedure to add PAN number with LIC policy.

      1. Go to your browser's address bar and search a website . After search you will be redirected to LIC India's home page. Where you have to find and click on the option 'Customer Portal' under 'Online services'. Which you will find on the left side of the page.

      2. After click on the option 'Customer Portal' a POP up window will appear and says that 'this link will take you to an external site'. Click on 'OK' now. Again it brings you to an another page.

      3. Here you will see two options one is 'New User' and the other is 'Registered User'. Click on the option 'Registered User' if you are an registered user other wise you have to register and enroll your policies to the LIC Customer Portal first. Thereafter click on 'Registered user'.

      4. Now A new page will open which is the login page of LIC's Customer Portal. Here you need to enter your user ID or email or mobile number which is registered withe LIC customer portal and then enter the password and date of birth of policy holder. Finally click on 'sign in'.

      5. After login to LIC's Customer portal go to dashboard and click on the option 'Service Request.

      6. After click on the option 'service request' you will be redirected to a page where you find a drop down menu. Here you have to select the service request from the menu. Click on the option 'PAN data registration'. 

      7. Now A new page will appear where you will see the steps of 'PAN data registration'  and instructions. Here you have to agreed the line that 'this facility is available to registered users on portal under policies on their won life and on the their minor child/children'. Trick on the box I agree and click on the option 'Proceed'.

      8.  In this step you will see the three steps of PAN registration. Here your all enroll policies of self and children will appear on the screen and you have to select the policies by clicking on 'self policies' and accept two conditions which are (1. I hereby give my consent for registering my PAN details as entered by me under the LIC policy/ies selected by me. and 2. I hereby give my consent for obtaining verification of my PAN from the authorities as per my online request). After accept the both conditions click on the option 'Proceed' as shown in the image given under.

      9.  After click on the 'Proceed' option on the previous step you will be redirected to a new page where you are asked to enter your PAN number. Enter the PAN number carefully and click on 'submit'. After submitting another page will appear where you will see your service request number. Note down it for further communication. A massage will also appear saying that within 48 hours status of PAn registration will be intimated by e-mail and massage. 

      You can also track your service request status on the portal. Go to LIC portal, login into the portal, go to service request and click on the option 'track request status' on the left side bar or the page. After click on track request status you need to select your category as 'PAN data registration' and the status as 'open or closed'. Now you will be seen your PAN data registration status.
     If you wish to watch this steps mentioned above you can watch the video given billow.

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