How to invest in SBI mutual fund online?

         Many people want to invest in mutual funds, but they don't want to visit brunches. If they go to brunch the brunches are full of crowd, it is very difficult to do such kind of transaction in a day. Thereafter while they think to go visit brunch they fill very tired. In that condition if they have the chance to invest siting at home they will be very happy.

         In that condition SBI mutual fund gives the chance to invest online through online portal. If you wish to invest on SBI mutual fund then you need not go to brunch and you can invest siting at your home. To invest in SBI mutual fund online you have to register with SBI mutual fund website. Follow the steps given bellow to register and invest in SBI mutual fund.

Register with SBI mutual fund : 

         To register in SBI mutual fund portal follow the following steps.

         * Go to google and type, and click on search. 
         * It display the search result. Click on the first search result 'SBI mutual fund - India's 
leading mutual fund investment.'

         * After click on the search result the home page of SBI mutual fund will open. Where you 
will see many options. You have to find 'Register' and click on it. The option will remain on the top 
bar of the page.

         * After click on 'Register' a new page will appear. Where you see a form and you have 
to enter your PAN number, e-mail ID (as user Id), mobile number, password (which you want 
as SBI mutual fund account password) and confirm password. Enter all the details and 
click on 'Register'.

          * In this step A OTP will send to your  mobile number and e-mail id which is given on the 
previous page. Enter the OTP in this page and click on 'verify'.

         * Now it redirect to a page where the 'create folio' page open, and you are registered on 
SBI mutual fund.

How to invest in SBI Mutual fund online?

        After registered with SBI mutual fund you can invest your money. Now you have to create folio number to invest in SBI mutual fund. For that once again you have to go google and search There after follow the following steps.

 STEP 1 - You will be seen the search results. Click on the first search result ' 'SBI mutual fund - Indias leading mutual fund investment'.

STEP 2 - Now you will be redirected to SBI mutual fund's home page. Here you have to find 
'Login' option click on the login option.

STEP 3 - After click on login the login page or SBI mutual fund will open. You have to enter your 
user Id and password and click on 'login'.

STEP 4 - Now you are logged in to account. you will see here to select here 
investment type 'new investor' and 'existing investor'. select the option 'new investor'and click on

STEP 5 - In this page you will see KYC terms and conditions. Read it carefully and click on 
'I accept'.

STEP 6 - The  page is redirect to KYC verification page. Enter your PAN number and date 
of birth and click on 'check kYC'. A massage will displayed saying your KYC is verified only if 
you have already your KYC before. Otherwise you will asked to enter your Aadhaar number 
to verify your KYC. If you are not verified please complete the KYC verification process entering 
your Aadhaar number.

STEP 7 - If you are KYC verified or complete your KYC verification process then click on 
'Get started' as shown on the image bellow.

STEP 8 - In this step you have to enter your personal details, contact details and other details.

       Personal details - PAN number, name, date of birth, father's name, gender, spouse name etc.
       Contact details   - Aadhaar number, e-mail, mobile number, alternate mobile number etc.
       Other details      - occupation, gross annual income, if your are politically expose person or 
                                    not, country name, birth place, nationality etc.

         Enter all the details on the form and click on 'Next'.

STEP 9 -  After click on 'Next' you are asked to select holder details, if the holder is single or
joint? select the holder as 'single' and click on 'Next'.

STEP 10 - In this step you have to enter nominee details like nominee name, guardian name
(if nominee i minor), date of birth of nominee, percentage, address etc. you can add 2nd nominee
also. If you don't want to add nominee then select 'I don't want to add any nominee' option. Enter
all the details and click on 'Next".

STEP 11 - Now appear another step and here you are asked to enter your bank details like
your bank IFSC code, account number, MIRC code, address etc. Upload a copy of your bank
account an optional option is shown. It's not mandatory. After enter all the details select the
confirmation statement and click on ''Next".

STEP 12 -  In this page you have to select your broker details and you may enter your
demat account details if you have any demat account. Otherwise select your broker 
type as 'Single' and click on 'Next'.

STEP 13 - A massage will appearon the screen and saying 'Than you' for interest in SBI 
mutual fund. You will also see your portfolio number here. An other option also appear 
'Get started with your investment journey'. Now click on this option.

STEP 14 - Now it redirect you to a page where you will see your folio number and other
details. You have to find the option 'invest now', which you find on the upper bar of the page.
Click on 'Invest Now' option.

STEP 15 - After click on 'invest now' the purchase page will open. Here you have to purchaes 
an investment plane. To purchase planes you have to enter broker details first. Select broker 
selection as 'Direct', search scheme name under 'scheme details', type the name of the scheme,
search and select the name form the list appear.

STEP 16 -  Here you have to select transaction type (lump sum investment or SIP), frequency 
(monthly, quarterly etc). You also seen here the minimum transaction investment amount is as 
Rs.500 and minimum investment time is 12 months.

STEP 17 -  In this step you are asked to enter your payment details like investment amount, bank 
name, account number, mode of investment (biller, OTM), starting date of investment, end date of 
investment etc. Enter and select all the details, accept terms and conditions and click on 'submit'.

STEP 18 -  In this page the summary of your purchase will be displayed, check all the details 
corrector not? If correct click on 'confirm' otherwise click on 'Back' and re-enter your correct data.

STEP 19 -  A massage will displayed saying your purchase  successfully placed. This page also
displayed the details of your purchase like transaction number, folio number, URN number, 
registered bank name, SIP period, SIP frequency, SIP instalment amount etc.

         you have done all the steps to purchase a mutual fund. Now you have to do only one step
that is add biller to your bank which details is registered with your mutual fund on the previous

How to add biller to SBI online: 

         In this   step I describe only how to add biller in SBI online, because I have entered the SBI 
SBI bank account on the purchase of mutual fund. Follow the following steps to add biller in SBI

         * Go to online SBI internet banking portal of SBI and login with your user Id and password.

          * Now click on 'Bill Payments' option on the upper bar of the page. Then the Pay Billes
page of SBI internet banking will open. You have also see some options on the left side of this
page. Find the option 'Manage Biller' and click on this option.

         * Now manage biller page will open. Select 'All India Billers' and 'Billers name' (SBI Mutual 
Fund) and click on 'Go'.

          * In this page enter biller details nick name, URN number (which is generated on your 
purchase page) select auto pay, enter auto pay limit (your SIP instalment amount), select account
number and click on 'Submit'.

         * An one time password is sent to your registered mobile number with bank. Enter the OTP
and click on 'Submit'.

         * The transaction number of the add biller is displayed on the screen.

          Now you have completed all the steps to investing in SBI mutual fund. If you wish to
see live demo watch the video given bellow.

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