How to generate SBI virtual card?

What is SBI Virtual card:

          SBI virtual card is a card like debit,credit card. It can be use as credit card or Visa debit card. Actually this card is not seen physically but you have this card virtually. It means you will get the card number, expiry date, cvv number etc. to use in online purchase. State bank of India launched this card on the view of safety for online purchase. It can be used only for online payments only. This card is valid for 24-48 hours from the time of generate. You can use this card for only one transaction. If you are a SBI customer and you don't have a credit card then you can use this virtual card as credit card. SBI does not charge any fee for generating, using, cancelling this card. When you generate the card, you have to set a limit of the card. The limit amount will be withheld up to the card expire. If you cancel the card before expiry the amount will be autocratically deposited to your savings account.  To generate a virtual card you must be registered with SBI net banking.

Limits of SBI virtual card :

         * This card is used to make online payments only.

         * Virtual cards expires in 24-48 hours from the time of generate.
         * This card can be used for transaction in India, Nepal and Bhutan only.

         * You can do only one transaction from this card.

         * Sometimes it does not accept by some sites.

         * This card can be generate through internet banking only.

Benefits of SBI virtual card : 

         * You can generate unlimited numbers of virtual card at at time as your use.

         * It is a secure card. You don't need to worry even your card details disclosed or theft. Because this card is expired after 24 to 48 hours of generate. And it can be used for only one transaction. After one transaction it's deactivate automatically.

         * If you don't have a credit card then you can use this card as a credit card.

         * This card is verified by VISA.

How to generate SBI virtual card:

         STEP 1 - Go to google and type and click on search button. Thereafter click on the first search result 'Online SBI'.

         STEP 1 - It will redirect you to a page where you will see personal banking options and corporate banking options. Click on the 'personal banking' option. There after a page will open you have to click here just 'continue to login'. 

         STEP 2 - In this page you are asked to enter your SBI internet banking password and user id. Enter both and click on login.

         STEP 3 - Now your are logged in to the SBI internet banking. You will see your account details in this page. Here you see some options on the top of the page. Find out the option 'e-services' and click on it.

         STEP 4 - After click on 'e-services' a new page will open where you will find some more options. From the options you have to find 'e-cards' and click on it.

         STEP 5 - Now you are in virtual card generate page. Here select your account number from which you wish to debit money for virtual card, enter virtual card limit, accept terms and conditions and click on 'Generate'.

         STEP 6 - In this step you are asked to verify your account and virtual card details. Check your debited account number and virtual card limit once again and if it correct click on 'Generate'.

         STEP 7 - After click on 'Generate' an one time password will be sent to registered mobile number with bank account. Enter this OTP in this page and click on 'Confirm'.

         STEP 8 - Now a massage of successful creation of virtual card and the image of virtual card will be displayed on your screen. Note down the details of your virtual card.

         If you wish to know more about creation of virtual card and know the live process then watch this video.

How to cancel SBI virtual card :

          If you wish to cancel your SBI virtual card then you can easily cancel your virtual card online. Actually you don't need to cancel your virtual card because it expire automatically after 24 to 48 hours. But if you want to use your holding amount for the virtual card then you have to cancel the card. After cancel the card the amount immediately to your savings account.
         Here is the step by step procedure to cancel SBI virtual card. Follow the following steps for cancel SBI virtual card.

         STEP 1 - Go to SBI internet banking site and login with your internet banking Id and password.

         STEP 2 - Now you will see some options on the top of the page.  You will find an option 'e-service' click on this option.

         STEP 3 - After click on 'e-service' some more options will appear on the screen. Find the option 'e-cards' and click on it. Now you will redirect to virtual card page. You see three options Generate virtual card, Cancel virtual card and virtual card details. Click on 'cancel virtual card' option.

        STEP 4 - In this step you will see your virtual card number and it's details. Select the card and click on 'cancel'.

         STEP 5 - Now your card has been cancelled and a massage will displayed on the screen saying that your card has been cancelled and the amount of the card will be unblocked in your account within an hour .

         To watch live demo of 'how to cancel SBI virtual card' watch the video given bellow.

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