How to link AADHAAR number to PAN number?


      In today's time it is going to compulsory to link your AADHAAR number with all your accounts, like bank A/C, gas connection, passport etc. So it also need to link your AADHAAR card number with PAN number. Here I describe how to link AADHAAR number with your PAN number online and easily.
       STEP 1 - Go to google and type https// and click on the first url.

STEP 2: It will redirect to efiling income tax india website.. Then click on 'log in' use your ID Password to log in. Where user Id is your PAN number.

STEP 3 - Now a new open, int this page you have to click on profile settings and then on the option link aadhaar.

STEP 5 - Now in this page you it will tell you that your aadhaar number is not link with your PAN details. You have to click on continue. If your name date of birth is different in aadhaar data base and PAN data base, then your aadhaar number will not link with PAN. To link again with PAN you have to make correction the name, date of birth in AADHAAR and PAN.

STEP 6 - After click on continue a new page will open and it says you to enter your aadhaar number and name in aadhaar card. Enter that and click on 'Link Aadhaar'.

STEP 7 - A massage will appear that your AADHAAR number is successfully link with PAN. Now you have completed your aadhaar linking process.

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